Fatal – Fatal

Fatal - Fatal1. Intro(Rough Sh**) 

Good intro with Pac samples and Fatal spits! Good stuff but some guy raps on here and I’m clueless as to who it is, he’s not listed or anything, oh well he sucks anyway so maybe not mentioning him was a good thing. Good

2. I’m An Outlaw(Feat Outlawz)

Outlawz join him and may I take the time to say that the Outlawz are overlooked. They work their asses off only to be ridiculed and people keep sayin they’re Pac nutriders, they’re just keeping his spirit alive and they all can hold their own lyrical wise. Good song but the chorus Isn’t great, nice lyrical rip song that gets the point accross. Good

3. My Niggaz(Feat Outlawz & Phats Bossi)

Ah yes Phats, you can’t go wrong with him, he needs a solo pronto, he’s just that damn good. Good song but the constant “My Niggaz” sayings get on my nerves, Noble starts it off and rips it. Phats then rips it to shreds and shows everyone up. Noble raps again. Fatal rips it, Fatal is venomous on the mic, it’s just that he never got a fair shake, hopefully now that he’s with Tha Inc he can get his time to shine. Good

4. Y’all Can’t F**k With Us

Standard boring track, Fatal tries but the beat is just boring and basic. Average

5. DOA

Another painfully average track. Average

6. I Wanna Be Free(Feat Outlawz)

Good track, beat is relaxing. Standard track though. Good

7. Blood In Blood Out

Good track, but it’s missing something. Fatal of course rips it. Good

8. We Maintain(Feat Snypaz)

OH YEA MUTHA*****AZ!!!! Chi Town’s finest join Fatal! This is the best track on the album. Just lyrical warfare! DOPE!

9. Blood Money

Eh, boring average track. Fatal again tries but the beat is boring. Average

10. Stop Rattin(Feat Outlawz)

Weird beat but it’s good, pretty easy what this song’s about. Good

11. Daddy(Feat Scarface)

And they waste the Face appearance on this awful garbage. Man this is the drizzling shits. Train Wreck

12. Thug 4 Life

Some of the most boring track names ever and the beats are just as boring. Wack

13. Thug In Thug Out

Wow and my theory still stands on idiotic track names. I don’t care anymore. Fatal comes dope but who cares? The beats are so boring. Average

14. I Can’t Stand

Yup I can’t stand this album’s beats and this is probably a hidden message meaning this album sucks. Wack


All in all an Average album, Fatal tries hard and I think he shines but man the beats are just so horrible boring. One DOPE! track though.