C-Murder – C-P-3.com

C-Murder - C-P-3.comThis is C-Murder’s 4th solo album in a span of only 3 years. While his previous albums all have a variety of concepts and music, “C-P-3.com” was heralded as C’s first album entirely under his TRU Records imprint (which was founded in 1998). The album was released well after No Limit’s decline, and features new TRU Records artists – T-Bo, Wango, New-9, as well as C’s brothers Master P and Silkk The Shocker.


1.) Start: Any fan of C-Murder knows that all his albums usually feature an intro, produced by C’s in house production team. This ‘song’ takes a slightly different approach, with C’s homeboys claming that “C-P-3.com” is so hot, it’s illegal.

2.) What U Gonna Do feat. Silkk The Shocker, Master P, Ms. Peaches: Released as the album’s first single, this track features TRU, and is a lackluster song in all aspects. Ms. Peaches’ reggae themed hook over this bland beat, make for a dissapointing track. Silkk’s style hasn’t upgraded any, and Master P has fallen off harder then ever.

3.) Don’t Make Me feat. T-Bo: Production is a key here, as C’s “Deadly Soundz” serves C, and Mystikal-soundalike T-Bo to a pounding piano loop to work with. While C sounds exceptionally lazy, T-Bo manages to save the song with a strong verse, and a noteworthy hook. Decent song at best.

4.) I’m Not Just feat. Soulja Slim, T-Bo: Quite possibly the best song released on No Limit in years. This song features Soulja Slim (fresh out the pen), supplying C with a classic hook, and verse, over great production. C-Murder’s verse is on point, and T-Bo provides another great verse. Classic song in every aspect, and was also released as a single (complete with video).

5.) Get Bucked, Get Crunk feat. T-Bo, Silkk The Shocker, Master P: Production is once again a plus here, as T-Bo very energetically puts together a nice hook. Unfortunatley, the energy C showcased in his previous albums is nowhere to be found, and Master P and Silkk The Shocker sound completely out of place. Decent song for T-Bo’s verse alone.

6.) Let Me See: C’s first solo track on the album is a weak attempt at a song for the strip clubs. C’s flow is is very lazy again, over this over the top beat. Below average lyrics (“Bounce left, bounce right/Girl you look alright”), weak production, and an even weaker theme make for a terrible song. Skip it.

7.) Boat Ride (Commercial): A pointless skit about a mob boss taking care of a snitch by throwing him off the boat and killing him. Skip.

8.) Criminal Minded feat. Afficial: East Coast No Limit affiliates – Afficial, show up to help C-Murder remake KRS 1’s classic of the same title. The beat is extremely old school (which is good or bad, depending on the listener), and C unfortunatley doesn’t do the original any justice. Once again showing that his energy and delivery has hit an all time low, this makes for another non-entertaining song.

9.) Don’t Matter feat. Erica Fox: Over very bland production, Erica Fox provides a noteworthy hook. Describing how it don’t matter what anybody else says, C-Murder details his come up in the rap game, with decent charisma. However, the hook, the beat, combined with the concept seems a little pieced together and awkward. Average track at best.

10.) Young Ghetto Boy feat. Ms. Peaches: Another remake of a classic song (“Lil Ghetto Boy” by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg), this unfortunatley lacks the charisma Dre brought, the smoothness Snoop brought, and the hook Nate Dogg delivered on the original. C’s weak delivery make for a dissapointing remake, offering nothing new to the song.

11.) Ya Dig feat. K-Lou: Easily the worst song on the album, this song features a terrible hook, over a very simplistic beat. As C raps the first verse, he mistakenly chooses to end every line and bar with “ya dig”, making for an overall corny song. The ruggedness of “Trapped In Crime” seems to have all dissapeared on this album, most evident by this track. Skip at all costs.

12.) Drive Thru 1 (Skit): Trying to be funny, this skit features C and his boys pulling up to a drive thru of “Slophouse Chicken”, wasting 2 minutes of this album’s run time. Skip it.

13.) That’s Me: While this song is possibly the first track C-Murder has spit 3 verses to, the beat is completely boring. C’s delivery is mediocre at best, as the song runs on a little too long.

14.) Do You Wanna Ride feat. Slay Sean, Black Felon, Traci: Only the second great song of the album, this features fast paced production. C’s flow is on point, as he meshes well with the beat. Slay Sean’s delivery is the best on the album, and Black Felon (aka X-Conn) also does his thing. Traci (TRU Records affiliate), also works the beat well, making for a surprisingly good track.

15.) NL Soulja feat. Wango, New-9: Although this topic has done over and over and over and over again, C still finds a way to put a twist on the fact that he is a “No Limit Soulja”. Featuring his new click – The Cutt Boyz (Wango and New-9), this is one of the more entertaining songs on the album; which still isn’t saying too much.

16.) Drive Thru 2 (Skit): A continuation of the last ‘Drive Thru’ skit, which was boring enough. Skip it.

17.) Down 4 My *****es feat. Mia X, Traci: This song is a remake of last year’s monster hit – “Down 4 My Niggas”. While it is great to hear Mia X on the mic again, Traci isn’t anything worth listening to, and C-Murder isn’t even featured on the song. Decent song for Mia X alone. Otherwise, skip it.

18.) Thug Boy: Completely out of C’s element, this song features a very somber instrumental, with C’s boring and lackluster flow dragging the song down. The hook is as corny as it gets (“Whatchu want? I want my Thug Boy”), making it very hard to even begin to take this song seriously.

19.) Projects: Choosing to close the album out the way it should’ve started, C-Murder cleverly combines gunshots into the hook, and spits 2 very hard verses describing the dangers of growing up in the projects; specifically the 3rd Ward, New Orleans. Great song.

20.) Finish: Much like the intro, this is some futuristic outro featuring weird voices. Doesn’t even flow with the rest of the album.

In conclusion, this album is by far C-Murder’s worst release to date. Whether or not the album was rushed, or C just slipped up for the first time is debatable; but unfortunatley doesn’t make any difference. Even C’s compilation “TRU Dawgs” is better then this, and this was unfortunatley C’s last album for 4 years.

Overall Rating: 2/5

C-Murder – Life Or Death

C-Murder - Life Or DeathBy late 1997, in a post-Tupac rap climate where fans were fiending for anything Makaveli related, No Limit Records had stepped in to fill that void. From “the don” image Master P perfected, to many of No Limit’s artists sounding like ‘Pac, No Limit put the south on the map with it’s funky basslines combined with hard hitting cliche gangsta rap. C-Murder was no exception. The younger brother of Master P, released his debut album “Life Or Death” in March 1998, at the peak of No Limit’s popularity.


1.) Intro: A short instrumental is being played for a little less then a minute total. Skip it.

2.) A 2nd Chance feat. Master P, Silkk The Shocker: Over a very simple Beats By The Pound production, the 3 brothers trade verses on getting a second chance at life. This was the first, and only single, released for the album. Although the song’s content is decent, both P and C have a notable ‘Pac similarity in their styles.

3.) Akickdoe! feat. Pimp C, Bun B, Master P: Perfect southern song. Almost 10 years after it’s release, any fan of dirty south music, will still have this song in rotation. Master P’s adlibs drag the track down slightly, but Pimp C provides a memorable hook, and everyone comes correct. Great song.

4.) Constantly ‘N Danger feat. Mia X: Decent song, over another simple BBTP production. Mia X’s feature isn’t very memorable, but C provides two noteworthy verses, although the track is short. Decent at best.

5.) Don’t Play No Games feat. Mystikal, Silkk The Shocker: Great song from beginning to end. C-Murder kicks it off with a hard hitting verse, and Mystikal follows it up with his unpredictable New Orleans flavor. Silkk closes it out with the energy he provided throughout most of 1998, that has since dissapeared. Overall, a classic track.

6.) Show Me Luv feat. Mac, Mr. Serv-On: C chooses to go a different route with this track, as he details (with the help of New Orleans legend – Mac, and former NL Soldier – Mr. Serv-On) his experiences at shows, concerts, and across the country. A very smooth bassline is provided courtesy of BBTP, making for a very relaxing, good track.

7.) Picture Me feat. Magic: Anybody that has heard Magic lately, or even in the past 5 years will be surprised at what he used to sound like. Appearing as the first artist signed to C’s “TRU Records” imprint, Magic trades verses with his CEO over a very steady instrumental. The only downfall is the fact he tries too hard to sound like 2Pac, and lacks any originality. C-Murder comes decent. Average track.

8.) On The Run feat. Soulja Slim, Da Hound: Very upbeat, energetic track about runnin from the police. Soulja Slim’s verse is solid, as is C’s verse and chorus. Da Hound, however, is a complete waste on the mic. Great track, just skip the end of the song.

9.) Get N Paid feat. Silkk The Shocker: 9 songs into the album and C-Murder still hasn’t had a solo track. This song, is no different, and features Silkk and C exchanging a verse each, over a funky bassline. Very short song however, which ends up dragging it down.

10.) Only The Strong Survive feat. Master P: NL’s head Colonel in charge appears on this very short song. C-Murder starts off the track with a very energetic verse about getting paid and surviving in this game, and Master P follows it up with a monotonous verse very reminiscent of Tupac in his prime. Good song none the less, as production is top notch.

11.) TRUest Shit I Ever Said: After 10 songs, C-Murder finally is allowed time to shine on his own. And although the song is only 2 1/2 minutes at best, C takes a break from uptempo gangsta to mellow. Great, great, laidback track.

12.) Makin Moves feat. Master P, Mo B. Dick: Overall, not a very good track. While Mo B. Dick croons the hook in a way only he could do, and the piano keys hit hard, this song is another short song that lacks any substance or believeable raps. Master P really needs to let C just shine on his own.

13.) Feel My Pain: The album clearly starts to pick up here, as C-Murder crafts 2 memorable verses, and an impecable hook, over a very solumn instrumental. Deep track. Definatley recommended.

14.) Soldiers feat. Silkk The Shocker, Fiend, Big Ed, Mac, Kane & Abel, Master P, Mia X, Mystikal: One of No Limit’s trademarks is their ‘soldier’ songs. This is basically taking No Limit’s finest, and throwing them all on one song to represent that “soulja shit.” This song is above the average soldier song however, as the beat pounds all the way through. Good anthem.

15.) Cluckers feat. Fiend: A remake of Ice T’s “Colors”, this song is about settin up shop and selling the goods. While the beat hasn’t really changed from the original, C-Murder lazily flows, and serves up two below average verses. Fiend does the hook, but this track is a dissapointment, as he sounds unusually out of place.

16.) Life Or Death: The title track is C-Murder’s third solo track, and does not dissapoint. Although the topics have been discussed many times before, this is a deep, introspective song, that C flows very, very well over. Great track, and definatley up there, in comparison, with any other song on the album.

17.) Where I’m From feat. Prime Suspects: If you haven’t previously heard this track, and are a fan of C-Murder, I don’t know where you’ve been. Over a clever piano loop, C-Murder describes his experiences in the Calliope, as the Prime Suspects come through to lace their first guest appearence on the album. Classic track in every aspect.

18.) G’s & Macks feat. Soulja Slim, Silkk The Shocker: Looking at the features on this song, you think it’d be better then it actually is. While C-Murder and Soulja Slim collaborations hardly ever go wrong, the beat drags down the entire track. This combined with Silkk’s offbeat repetitive flow make for a somewhat boring track.

19.) Commercial feat. QB: This “song” is only a minute long and features new No Limit soldier at the time – QB. He drops 16 average bars, but C-Murder obviously thinks he’s better then he really is, and finishes the cut by telling P to “sign that nigga and bring the weed”. Decent song none the less.

20.) Riders: Much like “G’s & Macks”, this song is lacking something. The production is not on par, and C comes across as lazy throughout this short song. Not really recommended.

21.) Watch Yo Enemies feat. Magic: TRU Records artist Magic shows up and brings his 2Pac biting to another level. While the beat is solid, and C-Murder delivers, in my opinion, a classic verse, Magic only comes across as fake, making for a decent track.

22.) Duck & Run feat. Fiend: Great, great song. Although only 2 1/2 minutes in length, KLC (of BBTP) serves C-Murder with a beat that contains gunshots for the high hat, and snares. C comes suprisingly energetic on this song, and gives the beat the energy nobody else on the tank could carry. Fiend compliments the chorus nicely, and the track ends with an explosion.

23.) Ghetto Ties feat. Soulja Slim, Da Hound: Easily the best song on the entire album, C-Murder perfectly describes his ties to the game, although he’s made it out the hood. Soulja Slim offers the best feature on the entire album with his impecable flow and memorable verse. The beat is very laidback, and paints the perfect theme for the song’s concept. The only downfall is Da Hound (Full Blooded), who once again shows that he never deserved to be taken seriously on the mic, as he clumsily mutters his whole verse.

24.) Survival Of The Fittest feat. Gotti: Not one to discriminate, as the album winds down, C-Murder lets several of the lesser known No Limit Army appear on tracks. This is no different, as Gotti from the Gambino Family exchanges verses with No Limit’s finest. The two go back and forth over a slow pounding instrumental, making for a suprisingly great track. Definatley recommended.

25.) Dreams feat. Big Ed: Although this song is only a minute long, the beat provided by KLC is much like “Where I’m From”, with the excessive piano loops. C spits a hot 16, with a memorable hook to close out the album (“I wish that life was a dream, cause sometimes I wake up and just want to scream”). Great way to end the album.

26.) Outro: Same instrumental used in the intro, just a little bit longer.

So, at the height of No Limit’s popularity, did C-Murder serve up a classic album? Not exactly. However, this album solidified the least known Miller brother, and put him directly into the spotlight. And although the topics and concept of the album, has been done over and over again, C-Murder puts his own New Orleans twist on it, and gives the world one of the best No Limit albums of 1998.

Overall Rating: 4/5

C-Murder – TRUest Shit I Ever Said

C-Murder - TRUest Shit I Ever SaidAnother album from an incarcerated rapper, which can sometimes be good and sometimes be complete shit. C-Murder, facing a life sentence on a shady murder charge, managed to complete an entire album from behind bars. Unlike Shyne and Pimp C, this isn’t previously unreleased material mixed with an occasional verse from a phone. Because of this, the entire album is up to date and fresh. The sound quality is questionable, but the album is more or less decent. To the Review:


1) Intro:

When first hearing, if you know anything about rap at all, you will know that this is reminescent to 2Pac’s intro on ‘Me Against The World’. By that I mean, that it’s basically instrumental with evidence and news reports read about C’s current situation. The beat is perfect, and it opens up the album well.

2.) My Life:

Produced by KLC, this track isn’t what I thought it’d be. It could’ve been better, but the beat is on point and C spits about his current situation and how his life has played out.

3.) Skit: 

A 15 second skit about being black.

4.) Stressin: 

Also featured on the new TRU album, this is one of the better songs on the album. 2 verses from C, but both are extremely on point over a Bass Heavy produced joint. The only weak part of the song is the hook, but still doesn’t take away from what it is – a good track.

5.) Won’t Let Me Out feat. Akon: 

Not anything new if you’ve heard the song ‘Locked Up’ by Akon ( which came out last September ), then you’re not really missing anything. C spits 3 short verses in quality that really sounds weak over the actual song. It would’ve been better if he didn’t sample Akon’s verse.

6.) Hustla’s Wife: 

A Daniel Kartel produced song, which sounds a lot like his other work ( meaning its heavily influenced with guitar rifts ). Overall though, a decent song, that could’ve been better talking about hustla’s wives. The sound quality is noticabley better then the previous track.

7.) Holla @ Me feat. Soulja Slim: 

Easily one of the best songs on the album, is another Daniel produced joint. Slim’s hook flows smoothly, and C spits 3 hard verses ( which is unheard of from him previously ). The only downfall is Slim is only on the hook, but never the less it’s still a good track. C shouts out Slim and his mama at the end.

8.) Skit # 2: 

Another skit that’s basically filler, skip it.

9.) Yall Heard Of Me feat. B.G.:

The first single off the album, is an X Filez produced track featuring B.G. The beat, the verses, everything is smooth and on point. Despite people sayin C, sounds lazy on this track, his verse actually works the track well, followed by B.G. who steals the track. Overall, one of the best songs on the album.

10.) Betta Watch Me feat. Fiend, Popeye: 

Former No Limit Soldiers – Fiend and Popeye reunite on this track, and it’s easily my favorite on the album. Fiend’s production is the closest to a BBTP sound that you will get, and Popeye and C rip the verses. One of the best tracks on the CD.

11.) Did U Hold It Down feat. Bass Heavy: 

A laid back track dedicated to C’s girl, Bass is on the hook, and the song is smooth. The sound quality is probably the best on this track, and it stands out in a good way on the album.

12.) I Heard U Was Lookin For Me feat. Montez, Capone: 

Another track with a BBTP type beat doesn’t dissapoint. C’s verse is the best here with lines like ‘In 2002, C-Murder died and later came alive/2005, Im saved and now Im back from the grave’. Capone from Queens and Montez from the ATL follow w/ hard verses.

13.) Back Up:

An XL produced joint, this song unfortunatley sounds weak. The beat isn’t great to begin with, but the flow over it sounds uninspired. It wouldn’t be that hard to flow over, but there is no improvement throughout the song. The album, almost completely playable all the way through, suffers from this song.

14.) Camoulflage and Murder feat. Mac, Curren$y: 

This song was released not too long ago by Curren$y, who jumped on the original C/Mac collaboration. The beat is shaky at times, but the song doesn’t dissapoint and it’s good to hear C and Mac on another song, because they never dissapointed in the past.

15.) Started Small Time:

Another good track, the beat, the hook, and the verses don’t dissapoint. The sound quality ( along with Did U Hold It Down ) is the best on this track, and it doesn’t dissapoint.

16.) Mama How U Figure feat. Ms. Peaches:

This is my 2nd favorite joint from the album, and it’s gritty. This is the vibe that some of the album should’ve had all along. C spits about his case, and how he’s destined for pain.

17.) Outro: 

45 second outro with the same beat as the Intro, with C shouting out fallen soldier – Soulja Slim at the end.


Overall, this album doesn’t dissapoint. When I first heard about this, I was skeptical because of sound quality and the fact that the ENTIRE album was being done while in prison. However, I’m glad I was wrong, because C delivers a solid album far better than C-P-3.com and Bossalinie. The lyrical game has stepped up completley with C spittin at 3 verses on at least half the songs. The production is flamez, and I’m glad the CD ended up dropping. Recommended to buy.

Overall: 4/5

C-Murder – Trapped in Crime

C-Murder - Trapped in CrimeIt’s hard to review No Limit’s music, because most people will tell you that it all sounds the same. You have to really be a fan to get their style of quantity over quality. And while most people will tell you that No Limit has a roster of below and average rappers, there are a few that stand out. One of them being C-Murder. It’s not nesecarily his rapping skillz, but the realness that comes with it, and that’s something that his brothers don’t have. That being known, I’m reviewing C’s third solo album, Trapped in Crime.


1) Intro: 

Tight way to open up the cd. A lot better than the piano intros on his two first cds. Just him talking over a beat, but nice way to start out the album.

2) Forever TRU:

This song iz dope. C samples ‘Gimme the Loot’ by Biggie, and comes with sneak disses at Cash Money, and two tight ass verses. Def one of the best songz on the album.

3) Concrete Jungle feat. Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Goldie Loc, Tray Dee: 

This is a west coast track w/ Snoop, Kokane, and Tha Eastsidaz. It’s a good song, but not one of the best. Kokane’s hook getz old after hearing it once. But overall, average.

4) They Don’t Really Know You feat. Erica Fox:

This song is trash. P makes it even worse, and the beat sounds like an alarm clock. What makes it even worse, is this was one of the singles. Skip it.

5) How a Thug Like It feat. Da Brat: 

Not a really good song, but not terrible. It’s better then the songs Silkk did with Mya, but that doesn’t mean its good. Brat and C flow decent over a Jermaine Dupri beat, talkin bout how each other likes it.

6) Want Beef feat. Fat Joe: 

Not a bad beat ( Kenoe for Deadly Soundz did it ), but the song is too short, and once again MP ruins it. Fat Joe and C have some aight verses, but MP reppin the No Limit East drags it down.

7) Ride feat. Samm, D.I.G.: 

One of the better songz on the CD with tight features from all three artists. D.I.G. shoulda definatley put an album out. The beat iz hot, the hook is hot. Overall, good song.

8) Staring at the Walls: 

Another great song. This talks about being locked up and wanting to be free. Not a slow song, but not a hype track either. Everything sounds good though, as far as the beat and the flow over it.

9) On Da Block feat. Young Gunz: 

Average song, over an average beat. Nothing stands out, not the features, not the beat. Just average.

10) What You Bout feat. Mystikal:

Tight song over another Kenoe laced beat. This is right after Mystikal left No Limit, but he came hard on his last song w/ C. Everything about the song is Bout It, Bout It. One of the best songs.

11) Battlefield:

Really boring song ( if you want to call it that ). Skip it.

12) Where Do We Go feat. Mac, Silkk the Shocker, Nuance: 

Tight song with a nice beat. Silkk’s verse is nothin that stands out ( what’s new ) but Mac and C-Murder have two on point flows, as the song talks about the ghetto being home.

13) NL Iggaz feat. Afficial: 

Another Kenoe track, and another great song. If he would’ve produced the whole CD, it would’ve been a def. clazzic. C tears it up, followed by average verses from Afficial.

14) Too Much Noise feat. D.I.G., Master P:

Average song w/ D.I.G. ( who sounds like Magic ) and MP. Not bad, not good. Doesn’t stand out at all.

15) Damned if They Murder Me feat. Mac, Ms. Peaches, Magic:

Once again C-Murder and Mac flow perfect on this joint. It’s deep ( which is rare for a TRU/No Limit song ) and definatley one of the BEST songs on the CD.

16) Hustlin feat. Master P, Krazy:

In my opinion, Master P appeared on too many joints already, but on this song he actually doesn’t ruin it. Krazy ( who many people think sounds like Tupac ) has probably the best verse. C comes average, but the beat is good, and its about Hustlin in the ghetto.

17) That Calliope:

Not really a song, just C representing the CP3. Tight beat, but the original version ( unreleased ) is better. Average song.

18) Young Thugs feat. Popeye, Holloway of the Ghetto Commission:

Another one of the highs of the album, talks about young thugs and the mistakes they be makin in the game. Popeye’s flow goes hard, and C and Holloway come correct. Good song.

19) Otis Commercial:

Commercial where C messes with a girl on the phone for playin Soulja Slim.

20) Interlude:

Funny 40 second song about nuttin in a girls eye.

21) They Want My Money feat. Mac, Mia X: 

It’s good to hear Mia X on a NL song again, and she comes tight as she always did. Mac and C couldve started a group though, with the chemistry they got on the mic. They saved the song, it’s about hoes wantin money.

22) Thug in Yo Life feat. Krazy:

Good song about spittin game at a girl. Krazy and C’s flows are on point, over a nice beat.

23) Down 4 My N’s feat. Snoop Dogg, Magic:

As stated in the NL Top Dogg review, this song is a KLC produced joint with hard verses from everyone, but Magic has the tightest. Good pick for a single.

24) Street Thugs feat. New-9, Magic:

Decent song, not the best way to end the album though, it could’ve been better.


Overall, this cd is a classic to me. It’s not C-Murder’s best album, but it definatley deserves some recognition. I’d give it a 4/5.