Bushwick Bill – Phantom Of The Rapra

Bushwick Bill - Phantom Of The RapraFor those who don’t know who Bushwick Bill is; Bushwick was a member of the infamous group “Geto Boys”. This was his second solo album and was released on Rap-A-Lot.

Phantoms theme (Intro) 

What cha gonna do? 

First track sounds good with the tight dark beat; that fits Bushwick´s laid-back style of rappin. The lyrics are kind of funny but still serious in some way. Don’t forget to check the hook since it’s a classic and one of the best hooks ever made in my opinion. Overall a tight track.

Time is hard 

Bushwick drops some real deep lyrics on this track. It’s about escaping the ghetto life and all the hard times living in the ghetto brings. The beat is laid back and got a little West Coast feeling to it. The hook is simple yet catchy.

Who’s the biggest 

This track is dedicated to everybody that doubts Bushwick because his size. He really shows his anger over the dope fast-paced beat. Pay extra attention to the nice hook. Tight track!


Bushwick is dropping some player like lyrics on this track. The beat is very smooth and laid-back. It’s a funny track that reflects reality in some situations. Very tight concept by Bushwick.

Only god knows 

Damn this track is deep! After hearing Bushwick´s previous work, this track was a positive surprise to me. I didn’t know he could make tracks like this. Not only are his lyrics tight the west coast inspired beat is one of the best beats on the album. I hope Bushwick keeps on making tracks like this one.

Already dead 

This is also a kind of deep track, you can clearly feel Bushwick´s pain on this track. The beat is very hard with a dark twist to it. Tight hard track!

The Bushwicken 

Here is another laid-back track. The hook is very catchy, his lyrics and flow is on point too. The beat is however wack and it makes the track boring. It’s too bad it could have been a tight track if the beat was better.

Subliminal criminal

Bushwicks flow surprised me on this track, he is rapping very fast and I didn’t think he could do that. Not only is he rapping fast he is dropping dope lyrics over the tight beat. He is not the only one tho, there is a rapper that is not listed in the credits but I think his name is “Sherm”, who is dropping an impressive verse at the end of the track.

Inhale exhale 

This is the smoke song for all the weed smokers. The beat is kind of hypnotic. Bushwick and I think it’s Menace Clan that are featured are dropping good verses on the song.

Mr. President 

This track is aimed at the President. It’s a good concept by Bushwick but the beat is so wack that it’ boring to listen to it. If you can look past the beat you will find heartfelt lyrics that are being spit with anger. Like I said tight concept by Bush it’s just too bad that the beat is wack.

Phantom’s reprise (Outro)


Well all in all it’s a good album. Bush’s dropping dope lyrics all over the album, the hooks are good and a few beats are tight. Still there are beats that should have been better and it should have been more tracks on the album.

I give it 3.5/5