A+ – Hempstead High

A+ - Heampstead HighI first heard A+ on the Lost Boyz album ”Love Peace & Nappieness”, and he came out tight as ***** there… When I heard “Enjoy yourself” on the radio and saw the video on TV, I was a little disappointed because he seemed to be a commercial and pop rapper. The only way to find out if that’s true is to listen to his album.

1. Intro (Classroom)

2. Enjoy yourself

”Enjoy yourself” was the big hit from this album and got allot of airplay on the radio and TV. It’s sampled from an old classical masterpiece and you’ll know which one when you hear it. I don’t really know the name of it but judging from the intro it’s Beethoven. A+ is doing a good job and it’s an excellent choice for a first single not only because of the production but also because of the lyrics, which is (in clean version) appealing to the commercial audience.

3. Up top New York (feat. Mr Cheeks)

A+ and the Lost Boyz has always been a tight combo. Here A+ is teaming up with the lead rapper in the Lost Boyz – Mr Cheeks. The beat is very tight and you get that old Lost Boyz sound back which is very very tight! Mr Cheeks and A+ isn’t disappointing us either and it’s all in all a very good track.

4. Gotta have it

This track has got a nice production and I’m definitely feeling it, but I’m not so sure everyone does. A+ is showing off with his lyrical skill but on this one he sounds more like a battle rhymer.

5. Boyz to men (feat. Lost Boyz & Canibus)

Wow! A+, Lost Boyz and Canibus! Last time I heard these together it came out tight as *****, and this time it’s really tight too. Mr Cheeks is starting off with a nice verse, then A+ and Canibus bless us with their combined lyrical greatness. The only thing I don’t understand with this song is why it says Lost Boyz is on it when it’s really just Mr Cheeks. This is a very tight song tho.

6. Whatcha weigh me (feat. MJG)

“Whatcha weigh me” is a cool track with a tight beat and a nice piano string to it. A+ is coming out tight as usual and MJG is doing a good job too. I really think the beat is holding this one up tho.

7. Understand the game (“Special appearance by Erykah Badu”)

This song has got a nice and laid back beat and it’s really relaxing. I don’t know if that, or the fact that A+ is tight, makes me listen to the lyrics a lil extra. A+ is spitting about how he understand the game.

8. Don’t make me wait<br>
If I’m not remembering wrong, I think this was the second single. I’m not sure tho. It’s a tight beat and a nice guitar string topped with a nice hook and tight lyrics. IF this was the second single, it wasn’t a very good choice since it’s not really a commercial track. I can imagine this making a few heads bump at the club though.

9. Interlude – The score

A+’s momma comes in when he’s trying to sex up a chick. Funny shit!

10. It’s on you (feat Chico DeBarge)

“It’s on you” is a laid-back track and just like a laid back should be, it’s relaxing. A+ is spitting some fire as usual and Chico DeBarge is doing the hook and he’s doing it well.

11. What the deal (feat. Cardan)

This track has a super-tight beat and the mixing off it sounds good too. A+ is tight as usual and Cardan complete the track with some really tight lyrics. This up-tempo track is one of my favourites on this album.

12. Price of fame

It’s hard to describe the production on “Price of fame”. It’s up-tempo but at the same time laid-back and relaxing. I think I’ve gotten a little bit tired of A+ by now tho. He’s like Canibus – a tight rapper but doesn’t last for the entire album.

13. Staggering and stuttering (Feat. Psycho Drama)

Mo-Suave-A Productions tried to make this song sound like some horror-core kinda shit, but it’s not really. A+ can’t do that. It’s still a nice track tho and Psycho Drama came out tight.

14. Parkside gardens

The album is finishing off with a track about the place to be for A+. It’s a tight production and A+ is coming out kinda hard, too. Overall a nice cut.

A+ is a tight rapper, but just like Canibus he doesn’t last an entire album. If you pick any of these tracks and listen to it, he’s coming out tight, but if you listen to the whole thing like I did you’ll be tired of him at the end of the album. The highlights of this album were the tracks with Mr Cheeks and the commercial single “Enjoy yourself”. I think that single gave A+ a bad name since people thought he was the Lil Bow Wow kind of rapper, but if you listen to more of A+ you’ll hear he’s not.