2pac – Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2

2pac - Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2Yet another 2Pac release. In all honesty, I think even the most hardcore of ‘Pac fans are losing track of albums circulating from the deceased rapper. This album is the official followup to 2003’s “Nu Mixx Classics”, and features more new production and features from (surprisingly) ‘Pac’s homeboys. The majority of this collection consists (much like “Nu Mixx Classics”) of ‘Pac’s Deathrow material.


1.) Picture Me Rollin feat. Kurupt, Butch Cassidy

If anyone is familiar with the original (and as a ‘Pac fan, how could you not be?), they will notice right off the bat that this is very similar to it’s original version. Danny Boy is replaced with Butch Cassidy, who does a very comendable job on the hook, giving new life to the track. Kurupt also doesn’t dissapoint, providing classic Westcoast flavor and a classic verse. I’m going to go out on a limb, and say this is better then the original. Haters feel free to hate on.

2.) Keep Goin feat. Hussein Fatal

This track features the self proclaimed Outlaw Don – Hussein Fatal, who doesn’t dissapoint in the least. While also providing hook duties, 2Pac provides a classic (although short) verse dissing the Bad Boy camp (whose reference is unfortunatley edited out), taking you back to a time when the beef was hot. Hussein clearly steals the show, however, and proves furthermore why he deserves more credit. Great song.

3.) What’z Ya Phone # feat. Candy Hill

I’ll be the first to admit, I was never the biggest fan of this track. While the original features Johnny J’s signature sound, this is more of a solumn track, with an overdone hook. Candy Hill’s verse is also not on par with ‘Pac’s. And although this track doesn’t really do anything for me, 2Pac’s verses are placed perfectly with the instrumental, giving it a new twist. Decent at best.

4.) Staring Through My Rear View feat. Dwele

Phil Collins classic sample is still provided, in this slightly modified version of the original. Maybe that’s for the better, as this song was/is an undeniable classic. One of the only differences is Dwele provides the hook (and does a good job at that), but this track is slightly in need of the Outlawz. Thankfully, 2Pac’s pristine outro is still in tact, making for another good track.

5.) Hail Mary [Rock Mix] feat. Outlawz

I understand what the producers were trying to do with this song, but it fails in every aspect. ‘Pac’s now famous intro to this song sounds terribly layered, and the beat is just too out there for any fan to appreciate. The Outlawz verse remains the same, but the beat is just too much, making for the first wack remix on the album.

6.) Got My Mind Made Up feat. Outlawz, Kurupt

Much like the original classic that appeared on “All Eyez On Me”, production, for the most part, stays the same. 2Pac sets the track off, and is followed by Hussein Fatal, and Young Noble. Kurupt (who drops arguably the best verse on the entire song) is up next, and doesn’t dissapoint in the least. Good track.

7.) Pain feat. Styles P, Butch Cassidy

The original “Pain” featuring the late Stretch is regarded as one of ‘Pac’s best songs. So topping it, or even making a remix on par with the original, proved to be tough. This song isn’t bad (Butch Cassidy actually does another excellent job on the hook), but in comparison to the original is lackluster. Styles P drops a good verse, but production isn’t exactly great. Average at best.

8.) Lost Souls feat. Outlawz

This is very similar to the original “Lost Souls”, which appeared on the ‘Gang Related Soundtrack’ back in 1997. The only difference is a slight change in the beat, and a new verses courtesy of the Outlawz. If you liked the original chances are you will like this one.

9.) Wanted Dead Or Alive (Gangsta Party) feat. Snoop Dogg

Much like “Hail Mary (Rock Mix)” this track started off with a heavy guitar influence. At first listen it’s wack, but as soon as Snoop’s verse drops, the beat switches tempo. Pac’s hook (“2 of the livest, wanted dead or alive”) sounds good, and makes for another decent remix. However, after a couple listens, it sounds pieced together.

10.) Initiated feat. Boot Camp Clik

2Pac’s “One Nation” comrades show up for the remix of Daz’s original “Initiated.” Production is very east coast flavored, and while Boot Camp drops above average verses, the tempo of Pac’s verse sounds terribly out of place, when compared to the original, which really ends up dragging this track down.

11.) How Do U Want It

When remaking a classic, be sure to do it justice. “How Do U Want It” easily fits the aforementioned category, and while I had doubts about this song, it turned out to be very good. A completely different vibe is used, with the beat being aimed toward the club scene. The only drawback is the hook (not nessescary at all), but other then that, Pac’s verses remain timeless even 11 years after his death.

12.) Picture Me Rollin feat. Outlawz

This, unlike the first track to open up the album, contains Danny Boy’s vocals, and a guest appearence from the Outlawz. Hussein Fatal, once again, drops the best verse on the track. But, with the exception of his verse, the Outlawz lack, failing to really make this a great remix. I expected more out of the end of the album.

In conclusion, this was a very worthy sequel to “Nu Mixx Classics.” While not tampering with Pac’s formula too much, and keeping guest appearences mainly people he actually worked with (what a concept) made this album work in a good way. Album highlights include “Picture Me Rollin”, “Keep Goin”, and “Starin Thru My Rearview.” The only complaint I have with this release is while most remixes are on point, there are a few terrible tracks (“Hail Mary” being one of them), and they are clearly milking Pac’s legacy for every penny it’s worth.

Overall Rating: 3/5

2pac – The Sessions

2pac - The SessionsAfter the recent release of mixes and albums with Tupac featuring the entire music industry and their mama, “The Sessions” finds its way to the public. It consists of 2Pac’s actual recording sessions (filmed originally on video by associate – Gobi) onto audio recording; making for live intros and opinions on tracks being worked on at the time. Recorded during ‘Pac’s infamous “One Nation” sessions (July ’96), this is a double disc not available in stores, and retails at $130.

*Note: This is not CDQ Tupac material, it is raw studio sessions and should be viewed as just that.*


[Disc 1]

1.) The *****es Session I: Tupac can be heard hear calling out one of the homies, with his now infamous phrase “Goat mouth mutha*****a!”, while “*****es” aka “International” (from Pac’s Life) original production can be heard in the background. Interesting way to open up the album.

2.) The Medicate Freestyle Session feat. Kadafi, Storm, Napoleon: This is a 20 minute long freestyle session featuring ‘Pac’s lil homies – The Outlaw Immortalz. Great song, just based on the fact it gives a glimpse at the talent these artists actually had. And while it does get a little repetitive after a while, it’s a gem to hear these artists together as Storm has retired, and Kadafi passed on only 5 months after this was recorded.

3.) N E W Jerz: Kadafi is just yelling “NEW JERZ!” here. Skip.

4.) The Brotherz At Armz Session I: This unreleased “One Nation” album cut, features ‘Pac and the Boot Camp Clik going back and laying their vocals over the course of 9+ minutes. Raw track, as you can hear the instrumental being looped with different effects being added.

5.) The Brothaz At Armz Session II: Blended in from the previous track, this features ‘Pac and the homies talking and expanding on the song, while the instrumental is still being looped and completed, showing that ‘Pac did, indeed, rap over the very basics of an instrumental, while letting engineers and mixing take place later.

6.) The Let’z Fight Session: At a solid 9 minutes, this is the infamous “Let’z Fight” session. Portions of the video of this recording have leaked to the net, as the verse has now been releaed on “Realest Killaz” featuring 50 Cent. This however is completely different, as you get to hear a drunken Pac fumble words and lace his adlibs, as the Boot Camp Clik perform their 16’s. Great, great track.

7.) The Military Mindz Session I: To anybody that’s heard the instrumental used on the Original Version of this song, you’ll know how much better it is then the released version. This track features ‘Pac performing his famous outro, over the pounding production, with Boot Camp right there with him. Classic track.

8.) The Coast II Coast Session: This track was released to the net as “Thug Nigga” with Greg Nice, and actually contains 2Pac’s acapella’s on here, making for a track worthy of remixing. This is once again, them just running the track back, live in the studio with Smif N Wessun in the background.

9.) That’s Sick (Interlude): Pointless skit, blended in from the last track.

10.) The *****es Session II: Featuring the Outlawz and Boot Camp Clik going “Puerto Ricoooo”, with 2Pac’s “World Wide Dimepiece” verse being used, this is another preview of what a classic track this would’ve been. Snoop Dogg is featured on the outro.

11.) Too Much Hennessey (Outro): Although Pac is notably absent, this is The Outlawz clowning around, drunk as *****, and enjoying every minute of it.

12.) When Thugz Cry (Alternate Original): Hailed as a bonus track, this track (when compared to UTEOT’s remix) is perfect. A very mellow beat, and smooth singing, allow ‘Pac’s harsh lyrics to bounce over the production perfectly. Great way to close out the first disc.

[Disc 2]

1.) The Military Mindz Session II: A continuation of the last track, featured on Disc 1, these are added vocals and layers over the already pounding instrumental.

2.) Kadafi & Kastro Freestyle: A very entertaining freestyle, making it apparent this was originally recorded on video, as Kastro and Kadafi trade verses about fellow Outlaw – Storm, and how she’s “creeping up behind them”. Enteraining, and shows the youth and talent that both of these ‘Lawz had.

3.) The Lastonesleft Session: I expected more out of this track. This is, however, just ‘Pac and the homies listening to a studio cut of the track with nothing more then what has already been leaked for some time. Good song, but not recommended as the quality is subpar.

4.) Back To Thugz Mansion (Interlude): A very random, but entertaining video cut of Kadafi, obviously drunk as hell, calling two cabs for three people while freestyling to the infamous “Hit Em Up” track. He also tries getting a girl to go back to ‘Pac’s place at Wilshire for a little something.

5.) The East Coast War: An amazing 14 minute session, the first part of this segment features an interviewer asking ‘Pac what it would take for him to get together with the East Coast, and with him replying he would if America had community centers built. Cut to Kadafi, who is high once again, giving what sounds like his first real interview, being only 18 years of age at the time. Great interview, taken directly from Gobi’s home videos.

6.) Basket Case Instrumental: The instrumental to Greg Nice and 2Pac’s unreleased and previously unheard track, “Basket Case.”

7.) Basket Case aka ’96 Sho Shot: Featuring the instrumental heard on the previous track, this 47 second clip features an unheard Tupac verse, adding on to speculation that “One Nation” was, in fact, finished and completed, being that there are so many tracks done. Good verse, and will hopefully get treated well on a future release.

8.) 2Pac’s Studio Philosophy: Although this video has been used on countless do*****entaries (“We don’t have the time or the luxury, to just sit here…we dont have it. I knocked my whole album out, doing like three songs a day. Get them niggaz on the track, get that beat poppin, and lace it!”), it’s great to hear it in full quality, with ‘Pac showing his more humorous side, clowning Gobi after his speech.

9.) The Troublesome ’96 Session: Much like “Lastonesleft”, this is just Troublesome ’96 played in the background, leading some to believe this track was intended for “One Nation”, as most of these songs were.

10.) Reincarnation: Undoubtedly the track on the album. It’s well known Tupac had habits of taking unreleased songs (from his Thug Life era), and re-recording them for Deathrow. Examples are “When I Get Free”, etc. This is no different. However, putting a twist on “Only Fear Of Death”, this song is much more relaxing and actually quite sad when hearing what great potential ‘Pac could’ve reached with songs like these.

“My only fear of death, is reincarnation…
I use my last breath, to reach the whole nation
How can they call me murderer for my spoken words?
This composition be my prophecy, I hope it’s heard…”

Great, great track. Classic in every aspect.

11.) Secretz Of War (Outro): Just somebody shouting. More a skit; skip it.

12.) M.O.B. (Original): A lot different then the released version. Featuring all the same vocals however, this track is above average.

13.) Just Like Daddy (Dramacydal Version): No where near the original version, this track is noteworthy for Edi’s appearence and verse alone. Otherwise, skip.

So, in conclusion, if you are a fan of Tupac then this album is for you. If you don’t appreciate the way his music’s been handled, and want to hear the Sessions as they were recorded, then this album is also for you. Although, the price is steep, the album is clearly worth it, as you get to hear ‘Pac in a light you’ve never heard him before. Great album.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

2pac – Pac’s Life

2pac - Pac's Life“After Death” Tupac albums are almost as common as rappers claiming they’re gangster. It just happens all too much. While most of the albums released after ‘Pac’s death have been failry well put together (and in some cases, excellent), the fact is eventually they will run out of material to put out. Last year’s God awful “Loyal 2 The Game” featured some of Pac’s earliest (but finest) work being raped by chopped vocals and bland production. “Pac’s Life” is released on the verge of the 10th anniversary of the legendary rapper’s passing. 13 new tracks are featured, and how did they fair? On to the review:


1.) Untouchable (Swizz Beatz Remix) feat. Krayzie Bone: This Swizz Beatz club banger is VERY reminiscent of last year’s anthem “Spit Your Game” featuring Notorious B.I.G. & Krayzie Bone. This song however does fairly well. Nothing standing out, and the horns are a little repetitive. The true highlight of this track is Krayzie Bone, spitting rapid fire once again.

2.) Pac’s Life feat. Ashanti, T.I.: Produced by LT Hutton, and featuring two brand new artists (well at least since Pac’s passing). This song is terrible. While the beat is listenable, hearing T.I. rap to Pac really makes it obvious Pac has been gone for so long. Ashanti’s hook is decent, but the vocals combined with this beat doesn’t work. Another verse from “This Life I Lead” is used here. Really sloppy job. Skip it.

3.) Dumpin’ feat. Hussein Fatal, Papoose, Carl Thomas: This is truly a REAL highlight of the album. Hussein’s been removed from many Pac songs that he was originally featured, and is making up for lost time. Over a “Hail Mary” influenced beat, all 3 artists spit very good aggressive lyrics. Carl Thomas performs the hook perfectly. Easily one of the best tracks on the album.

4.) Playa Cardz Right (Female) feat. Keyshia Cole: The original beat and theme to this song is perfect. Not saying this is bad, but if you’ve ever heard the original, you’d automatically know which is the better. This is a very mellow song, and Keyshia Cole performs the hook and verses very well. ‘Pac is unfortunatley only on one verse and the outro. Good song never the less.

5.) Whatz Next feat. A3, Jay Rock: This song is very southern. The influence of the south in hip hop right now is too apparent here. While it does make for a good song if you’re into Three 6 Mafia or Young Dro, this isn’t Tupac’s type of work. His lyrics (as always) are on point though, but i can’t say the same for the other no name artists on this track. Average at best.

6.) Sleep feat. Young Buck, Chamillionaire: This album should be titled “Tupac & The Current Hip Hop Game”, because that is exactly what this album is shaping up to be. Chamillionaire is the only one (besides Pac) who does decent on this track. The beat doesn’t seem to fit the theme of the song at all, and makes for another dissapointing track.

7.) International feat. Nipsey Hussle, Young Dre: Too more no names plus a mediocre verse from ‘Pac make this THE worst track on the entire album. Another crunk beat is supplied to an already lacking song. This track is a complete mess. Skip It.

8.) Don’t Sleep feat. Kadafi, Nuttso, Lil Scrappy, Stormey: If you’ve heard the original, you’d know this was a very aggressive song. Pac’s lyrics hit a little less hard over this more traditional hip hop beat. The hook is decent, and Lil Scrappy suprisingly doesn’t ruin the song. Kadafi is featured here, as well as a surprising appearence from Nuttso. Production could’ve been better, but a stand out track in a dissapointing album thus far.

9.) Soon As I Get Home feat. Kadafi: Easily the best song on the album. This QD3 produced classic is lefted untouched and remastered. Featuring the two slain Outlawz, production couldn’t be better, and it’s great to finally hear this in CD quality. Perfect track, and a reason to buy the album, if anything.

10.) Playa Cardz Right (Male) feat. Ludacris, Keon Bryce: Decent song, not too far off from the female version. This is a little more soulful, and Ludacris is made to seem like he was in the studio with Pac. Great singing by Keon Bryce however, make for a good track.

11.) Don’t Stop feat. Big Syke, Kadafi, Stormey, Young Noble, E.D.I. Amin, Hussein Fatal: The original beat to this was a very smooth West coast beat. It was remade into a very modern sounding Outlawz beat. Subject matter is still the same here though; with Pac very cleverly dissing Bob Dole and C. Deloris Tucker. Great appearences by the ‘Lawz make for an above average track.

12.) Pac’s Life feat. Snoop Dogg, Chris Starr, T.I.: Same recycled beat, hook, and a new verse from Snoop. Very uninspired, and nothing new to the table. Considerably lazy coming from Amaru, if you’re going to remix a song, don’t just add another rapper. Snoop’s verse is on point, and a very good tribute though.

13.) Untouchable feat. Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, Gravy: Perfect acapella intro from Pac. Really sets the song off. This was a perfect way to end the album. Featuring yet another GREAT appearence from Hussein Fatal and fallen Outlaw, Kadafi, this is made into a really nice track. Gravy has no place here however, and decreases the credibility slightly. Other then that, no complaints on this one, it’s perfectly orchestrated to close out the album.

So, after listening to the album, one can determine Pac’s music has been tampered a little too much. Guest appearences from today’s hottest rappers will not help it sell anymore, trust me. REAL fans see right through it. Other then that, production could’ve been stepped up drastically. Better then “Loyal 2 The Game”? Of course. On the same level with “Still I Rise” or “Until The End Of Time”? Not even close. My advice to Amaru: Make an album produced by Johnny J, QD3, and DJ Quik featuring appearences from people Pac has actually worked with. Decent album none the less, but for his 10th anniversary, it’s lacking in too many aspects.

Thug Life Vol. 1

Thug Life Vol. 1In the midst of Tupac Shakur’s very crowded catelog of albums (most of which were released after his death), there is some very classic material that no one seems to ever mention alongside commercially acclaimed albums like ‘All Eyez On Me’ or ‘Makaveli The Don: The 7 Day Theory’; including earlier gems such as ‘THUG LIFE Vol. 1’. This album was released in Sept. 94 and offers maybe the last glimpse (with the exception of Me Against The World) of a truly introspective artist at his politically themed peak. THUG LIFE, 2Pac’s first group to release an album, consisted of Big Syke, Macadoshis, Rated R, and cousin Mopreme Shakur. On to the review:


1.) Bury Me A G feat. 2Pac, Mopreme, Macadoshis, Rated R, Big Syke: 

This song features the entire THUG LIFE click and samples an Isley brothers classic. The perfect blend of street life and 70s funk is apparent here, as all members spit introspective verses on growing up in the streets. A very underated song that deserves more recognition.

2.) Don’t Get It Twisted feat. Mopreme, Macadoshis, Rated R: 

1 of 2 songs without group leader 2Pac, three other unknown members at the time get a chance to shine over another funk driven beat…a decent track none the less, with Mopreme’s verse hitting the hardest. Average track, and is lacking a 2Pac verse.

3.) Shit Don’t Stop feat. 2Pac, Macadoshis, Rated R, Mopreme, Big Syke, Y.N.V.:

Released as a single, ‘Shit Don’t Stop’ is a George Clinton sampled song featuring Y.N.V. and is easily the most funk influenced song on the album. With all members delivering good verses over this Bay Area beat, it makes this song another classic among classics.

4.) Pour Out A Lil Liquor feat. 2Pac: 

A very smooth laid back song with guitar rifts finds Pac reminiscing on past friends that have died in the struggle. Also featured during the feature film ‘Above The Rim’ this song is one of Pac’s 2 solo’s and doesnt dissapoint in the least. Yet another classic.

5.) Stay True feat. 2Pac, Stretch, Mopreme: 

Possibly my personal favorite track on the album, 2Pac, Preme, and Stretch trade verses about living the Thug Life and staying tru 2 da game. West Coast influenced production suits the vocals perfectly, and make for another great song.

6.) How Long Will They Mourn Me? feat. 2Pac, Nate Dogg, Big Syke, Rated R: 

One of Pac’s first experiences detailing his own death while reminiscing yet again on dead friends, flows perfectly over the Nate Dogg assisted track. While dragged down by verses from Syke and Rated R, ‘How Long…’ is still a great track that has a tremendous amount of repeat value…making it very introspective.

7.) Under Pressure feat. 2Pac, Stretch: 

A very dark beat on an album filled with party cuts and street themes…this track shows the good collaborations between Randy “Stretch” Walker and 2Pac. Before their falling out, they made many songs together..some of them near classic; this being one of them. The song describes their pain and pressures of growing up in the ghettos and need to clutch a 9 for protection. Great song.

8.) Street Fame feat. Macadoshis, Big Syke, Rated R: 

Terrible outdated production and bad verses make this song a huge letdown on a classic album. A completely skippable track…after one listen.

9.) Cradle 2 The Grave feat. 2Pac, Thug Life:

Another single, this song is an all around classic. Detaling the struggles literally from the cradle to the grave, Pac recollects on his past as does other Thug Life members. Solid production and smooth vocals for a nice hook make this quite possibly the best song on the entire album.

10.) Str8 Ballin feat. 2Pac: 

Pac’s other solo on the cd closes the album out in true hustla fashion. Similar to the later released ‘I’m Gettin Money’..Pac spits four hard verses on this 5 minute track about his hate for the police and need to make money. While no particular verses stand out, the overall theme of the song and sample along with hook make it a classic cut.


In conclusion, this album, although being one or two songs short of an EP release, is an absolute classic that overshadows Pac’s other work in terms of quality. With all but 1 song being near perfect, every Pac fan and hip hop fan in general should own this acclaimed cd. With questionable cd’s like ‘Loyal 2 The Game’ destroying Pac’s legacy, pick this up and remember where it started.

Overall: 5/5

2pac – Loyal To The Game

2pac - Loyal To The GameThis is the mainly Eminem produced album.

1. Soldier like me Featuring Eminem (Produced by Eminem) 

This track starts with 2pac talking. Then 2pac says guess who’s back. It’s a good start to the album. I’m not a big fan of the beat it’s a classic Eminem beat and not that good. 2pac is good on this track and brings it back a little. Eminems chorus doesn’t really go though. (3-5)

2. The uppercut Featuring EDI and Noble of The Outlawz (Produced by Eminem) 

In contrast I love the beat on this one. Eminem has done a really good job. 2pac is dope as usual and spits a catchy chorus. EDI and Noble aint on Pacs level with there performances but there still good (4.5-5)

3. Out on Bail (Produced By Eminem) 

At the start of this song 2pacs talking bout how he’s glad to be out of prison. Then he says “drop that shit em”. The beat on this one has an annoying computer generated thing I can’t explain. But 2pac is good on this one it aint his best but its still good. (3-5)

4. Ghetto Gospel Featuring Elton John (Produced by Eminem) 

I actually like the beat on this song. I don’t really like Pac on this song I don’t know why but. When I first heard this I fought it was a woman singing the chorus then I read the credits. (2.5-5)

5. Black cotton Featuring Eminem, kastro and Noble (Produced by Eminem) 

This song has one of the best Eminem beats I have ever heard. Pac spits some amazing shit on this song. Eminem does the chorus and it’s actually good and suits the song perfectly. Kastro spits some dope shit as well as Noble. I can’t complain bout this track. (5-5)

6. Loyal to the game Featuring G Unit (Produced by Eminem) 

All I can say is there’s some irony in the title. Any way the beat on this is another gem Eminem can produce people have to realise. Pacs verse is dope. 50s on the chorus (what a surprise) but he actually does it well! Young bucks verse is a bit meh. But Lloyd Banks is actually good on this song. G Unit didn’t ***** the song that much. (3.5-5)

7. Thugs Get lonely too Featuring Nate Dogg (Produced by Eminem) 

The beat sounds like a Dre beat to me. It’s good. 2pac is spitting dope shit as usual bout how he don’t wanna leave his girl at home. Nates aiight on the chorus not the best he’s done but okay. (3.5-5)

8. N.I.G.G.A Featuring Jadakiss (Produced by Eminem) (Never Ignorant about Getting Goals Accomplished) 

This beat is kinda dark but suits the song. Pac is on some ***** everyone shit but its good. The chorus is good. Jadakiss Spits some dope shit (“Niggas is like photographers all they take is head shots”). (4.5-5)

9. Who Do You Love? (Produced by Eminem) 

The start of the song makes me think of Pac sitting in a chair talking to himself and building up and up till he gets pause then just starts spitting some dope shit. Pacs rapping bout even though I got all these things wrong with me. Are you still down. (4-5)

10. Crooked Nigga Too (Produced by Eminem) 

This song Builds up to a dope as ***** beat its kinda fast. But keeps up with it this is the fastest ive heard Pac rap and he is dope. He’s rapping bout how much of a gansta he is. This is my favourite song on the album Pac is the meaning of dope on this song and the beat is dope. Dope! (5-5)

11. Don’t You Trust Me Featuring Dido (Produced by Eminem) 

This Beat reminds me of Stan But in a Good way it’s slow but really good. Complete With strings and everything. Didos Chorus is Good It suits the song perfectly. Pac spits some dope shit bout a Girl that don’t trust him (“I wanna Hold you tightly But instead you wanna fight me”) It’s a really good song its like a chill song. (4.5-5)

12. Hennessey Featuring Obie Trice (Produced by Eminem) 

This beat is like a drinking/party beat and is dope. 2pac is dope in this. And Obie and Pac you wouldn’t think it but they go on the chorus it sounds like they actually worked together. Obies Verse is good. At the end he says (“Im on a track with Pac Nigga”) it was probably his dream and props to shady for making it happen

13. Thug 4 Life (Produced by Eminem) 

I don’t like the beat on this it’s just too much. And Pac Aint that good either it’s just not a good track (2-5)

14. Po Nigga Blues Featuring Ron Isley (produced By Scott Storch) 

Scott Storch has produced a good laid back beat and Pac rides it well. His Lyrics are good Song (4-5)

15. Hennessey Featuring Edi and Sleepy Brown (Produced by Red Spyda) 

This I prefer this beat it’s got a soul fell to it. But Pac sound as good on it. Sleepy Brown is good on the chorus. Edi sucks on this song. (2-5)

16. Crooked Nigga Too (Produced by Raphael Saadiq) 

This Beat is completely different to Eminems but works and the chorus is better. But Pac aint as fast passed so Pac was obviously sped up on Eminems but I prefer that. But it don’t mean this aint good (4-5)

17. Loyal to the game Featuring Big Skye (produced by DJ Quik) 

The beat is dope. But Pac Don’t Go with it sounds like they asked DJ Quik to do a beat and he pick one at random off the shelf. Big Skye is dope on this though and he brings the dong back a little. (3.5-5)

This album was better than i thought itd be. I like Most of Eminems production on this album. so it gets a 3.5 rating.

2pac – Better Dayz

2pac - Better DayzThe deceased 2Pac was and still is, without a doubt, one of the most imfluential forces to ever hit the rap game; the vast majority throw it up to Pac as “greatest ever” for his political songs and emotional delivery, to the point where he’s become a cult icon. Better Dayz was the first real 2Pac album I ever picked up (the very first being his Greatest Hits) and it’s always stuck in my memory.

Track by track ratings: Horrible -> Poor -> Avg. -> Good -> Great -> Excellent

CD 1: 

1) Intro 

Staging of a reporter covering a crowd waiting for the Better Dayz release, posing the question of whether Pac is still alive or not.

2) Still Ballin (ft. Trick Daddy)

Sequel to “Str8 Ballin.” A bouncy but hard track with a piano and a heavy drumline. Pac delivers his usual stuff, with Trick laying a good verse. (Good)

3) When We Ride on Our Enemies (Briss Remix)

One of my favorite tracks. The beat starts off with threatening piano chords and moves into an energetic cut that explodes at the hook. Originally a laid-back cut, this remix makes Pac’s verses violent and rageful. (Great)

4) Changed Man (ft. Jazze Pha, T.I., Johnta Austin)

A bouncy, G-funk party track, Pac spits fast. The silky hook, supplied by Jazze Pha makes the track R&Bish and a verse by T.I. helps the atmosphere. (Good)

5) ***** em All (ft. Outlawz) 

Bouncy with a hard guitar riff and a reckless hook, one of Pac’s disses to Notorious BIG. Not a very good collaboration between Pac and the ‘Lawz; the only one that retains his energy is Fatal. (Avg.)

6) Never B Peace (Nitty Remix ft. EDI, Kastro)

A haunting, arabian-styled cut where Pac speaks on war and questions peace. Unfortunately his companions lower the par of the song. EDI lays a decent verse in his whiny voice, and the beat doesn’t fit Kastro’s flow (or maybe his flow was shot on the OG as well). (Avg.)

7) Mama’s Just a Little Girl (KP Remix ft. Kimmy Hill) 

A touching string beat, on which 2Pac shows his soft side and speaks on the story of his mother’s upbringing, with a soulful hook by Kimmy Hill, and the finishing touch–Pac reciting his poem “Rose From the Concrete” at the end of the track. Another of my favs. (Excellent)

8) Street Fame (Briss Remix)

Big switch from the last cut but still good. Harder than When We Ride but not as rageful, Pac raps determined verses about being betrayed and getting even. Very effective. (Great)

9) Whatcha Gonna Do (Remix ft. Kastro, Young Noble)

A southern-styled simplistic beat that doesnt fit pac’s flow, wasn’t feelin it. Pac dares anyone to test him, usual pac fare. The hook may have fit the OG but doesn’t fit this one. Kastro and Noble trade verses well, actually a pretty good collab track but *****ed by the beat. (Poor)

10) Fair XChange (Jazze Pha Remix ft. Jazze Pha)

A good bouncy beat and hook, but one that doesn’t really fit Pac’s delivery on this vivid sex track. (Avg.)

11) Late Night (From “The Chronic 2000”) 

A laid-back, smoke-a-blunt party cut about Pac lookin for and *****in women, nothing special. (Avg.)

12) Ghetto Star (ft. Nuttso)

An echoey string beat that lacks substance, with drums that lack a punch. Pac speaks on life on the run and in hiding, and Nuttso a slower verse on something completely different. (Poor)

13) Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic ft. Nas, J. Phoenix)

DAMN. Lots of people complain that Nas is on the track, though if the Outlawz are to be beleived, Pac and Nas squashed the beef. But politics aside, the beat and hook themselves don’t fit the original vocals at all, and Nas’ poorly-placed verse destroys what Pac was trying to say in the song. (Horrible)

CD 2: 

1) My Block (Nitty Remix)

A slow, euphoric string beat and a hopeful chorus sung by children fit 2Pac’s nostalgic rhymes perfectly. Pac raps about happenings on his block (which one is unclear). A rare look at Pac in one of his softer moments. (Good)

2) Thugz Mansion (7 Remix ft. Anthony Hamilton)

Ahh, the original unreleased Thugz Mansion. Better Dayz’ first single, the echoey synthesizer beat goes together with Pac’s angsty verses extremely well. Pac sends a message to his mother that he’s in a heaven for G’s chillin wit Marvin Gaye and Malcom X. (Great)

3) Never Call U ***** Again (ft. Tyrese)

A soft piano-laced, R&Bish track wherein Pac promises to stop mistreating his woman, who’s always been with him. (Excellent)

4) Better Dayz (ft. Mr. Biggs) 

Pac speaks on more troubles in his hood and wanting people to take more responsibility. The beat, however, sounds like a 70’s wedding dance song, and doesn’t really fit. Plus, the whiny R&B singer in the background is really annoying. (Poor)

5) U Cal Call (Jazze Pha Remix) 

A party track in which Pac spits game, over a sly, suggestive beat. Jazze supplies the usual hook for that type of thing. Nothing special but not bad either. (Avg.)

6) Military Minds (From “One Nation,” ft. CoCo Brothers & Buckshot)

A murderous beat that perfectly fits Pac’s hard rhymes. His companions on the track set up an even better collab than even the ‘Lawz could; in fact they start to sound like Wu-Tang. Best collab track on here, easily. (Great)

7) Fame (ft. Kadafi, Kastro, Napoleon, Young Noble)

A lounge-style track about, of course, the effects of fame. The beat fits the vocals, Kadafi–probably the best Outlaw besides Pac–is on the track. Their presence seems to motivate the other present ‘Lawz, who give a good performance. (Good)

8) Fair Xchange (Mya Remix ft. Mya) 

A better version of the Fair Xchange Remix, much bouncier that makes Pac’s verse seem hungry and lustful. Mya delivers a provocative hook ass–I mean, as well. (Great)

9) Catchin Feelins (ft. Mussamil, EDI, Young Noble, Napoleon) 

An angsty, angry track that goes together extremely well, Pac callin on his boys for war. Napoleon doesn’t put much emotion in his verse, but the other MC’s make up for it. (Excellent)

10) There U Go (ft. Kadafi, EDI, Kastro, Napoleon, Big Syke, Jazze Pha) 

An R&Bish track with a beat I wasn’t feeling at first and still don’t love, Pac and his boys sounding disappointed in their women, Jazze delivering a fitting hook. (Avg.)

11) This Life I Lead (ft. Outlawz)

The verses on this song, rhymes about riding on enemies, woulda been more suited to a harder track, as this beat (though not bad) sounds too lamenting. The ‘Lawz deliver pretty good performances as well. (Good)

12) Who Do U Believe In (From “The Chronic 2000” ft. Kadafi) 

A very compatible combonation of sad, lamenting, beat and the two best Outlawz spitting sad, desperate rhymes. (Great)

13) They Don’t Give a ***** About Us (ft. Outlawz) 

Another lamenting cut, Pac and the boys on being overlooked in the world, over a decent but garish synthesizer beat. (Avg.)


Rating: 3.4/5

One pitfall of double albums is, they’re filled with forgettable tracks. This one’s no different, though the level of that depends on your preference. A few good collabs with the Outlawz were downgraded by bad beats, and a few otherwise good songs were ruined by them. Most of the album’s best tracks are Pac solos. Also, this album was badly put together (Military Minds right after U Can Call?) but that’s not a real problem.

My advice: If you’re a hardcore fan of Pac you’re gonna want the album. But if you’re really strict about the OG’s from back in the day, the remixes may sound wrong or weird, so approach it with an open mind.

2pac – Resurrection Soundtrack

2pac - Resurrection SoundtrackTelling the story of young Tupac Shakur’s life, “Tupac: Resurrection” is accompanied with the soundtrack. The movie, based on the life of rap legend Tupac Shakur, is in his own words.

2Pac: His story, his words.

1. Intro (0:05) 

2. Ghost (4:17) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Mark Jordan, Luis Resto and Marshall Mathers Previously unreleased

Just that simple saying “Don’t cry, just ask why, and try not to die, as I take you through a ghetto-nigga’z lullaby” just hooks you on this song. It has a nice lyrical flow and some hard beats to go with it. “Ghost” was the second-most anticipated track off of the entire soundtrack in most people’s eyes. 9/10

3. One Day At A Time [Em’s Version] (3:44) feat. The Outlawz Written by: Tupac Shakur, Henry Garcia, Malcolm Greenridge, Katari Cox, Rufus Cooper, Marshall Mathers and Luis Resto Previously unreleased

Okay, honestly, I hate the beat, I’ve hated it ever since the song came out. It is very uneven in the song, especially with the lyrics. I really like what Em did with this song, he made it hott. Eminem gets a lot of hate because he’s with Shady/Aftermath and 50 Cent, no one really sees the actual talent he has. He wouldn’t be as big as he is without the talent and a mind for a rapper. Yeah, he’s white, but is this the 60’s again? No, this is the 2000’s, that shit isn’t necessary. 8.5/10

4. Death Around The Corner (4:07) Written by: Tupac Shakur and Johnny “J” Jackson Previously released on “Me Against The World”

Okay, one simple question: WHAT THE ***** IS UP WITH THE MEXICAN FOR THE CHORUS SAYING ALL THAT SHIT? I mean you listen to it the first time but after the second time it just gets annoying as *****. But the song does have a nice, smooth lyrical flow and a good beat to go along. 8/10

5. Secretz Of War (4:13) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Rufus Cooper, Malcolm Greenridge, Yafeu Fula, Johnny Jackson and Bruce Washington Previously released on “Still I Rise”

Another very righ track with the Outlawz, honestly, I think “Still I Rise” is one of his best albums, and this song adds to it. “Secretz Of War” is a song that you could listen to constantly, it never gets old, very nice choice for the soundtrack. 9.5/10

6. Runnin’ (Dying to Live) (3:51) feat. Notorious B.I.G. Written by: Tupac Shakur, Christopher Wallace, Osten Harvey, Edgar Winter, Marshall Mathers and Luis Resto Previously unreleased

The clash of the titans is resurrected right here, once friends, B.I.G. and 2Pac turned against each other. Each dying young, many people thought it would be good to remember them by one song; Runnin’. Both 2Pac’s and B.I.G.’s music talent is whipped into one in this song, a definite good thing. 10/10

7. Holler If Ya Hear Me (4:38) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Randy Walker, Barrett Strong and Norman J. Whitfield Previously released on “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”

Going back to “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”, the 2Pac Shakur legacy is still alive. “Holler If Ya Hear Me”, I think, is one high point of not only “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”, but for this soundtrack, also. It goes good with the rest of the songs. 8/10

8. Starin’ Through My Rear View (5:11) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Tyrone Wrice, Malcolm Greenridge, Yafeu Fula and Phil Collins Previously released on “Gang Related” soundtrack
When I first heard this song, I absolutely couldn’t go through the day without turnin’ up my headphones and just listenin’, think about shit. In my mind, Tupac is staring through his “rear view”, just looking back at his life, all the shit he’s done, just everything. I think they picked a good song for the movie, here, it goes good with looking back at the late, great Tupac Amaru Shakur. 10/10

9. Bury Me A G (4:59) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Diron Rivers, Tyruss Himes, Walter Burns, Maurice Harding, R. Isley, E. Isley, M. Isley, O. Isley and C. Jasper Previously released on “THUG LIFE: Volume 1”

Well, every CD in my eyes has one “different” song. It goes very well with the movie, very well, but I just don’t like the flow of the lyrics and beat, I mean I love them both, but them together equals, well, not the best! 8/10

10. Same Song (3:57) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Ronald Brooks, George Clinton, Jr., William Collins, Gregory Jackson, J.S. Theracon and Jim Vitti Previously realsed by Digital Underground on “This Is An EP Release”

Totally tight track to have on an album, awesome lyrics and an even better beat rythm. It’s not the best, nothing like that, just a cool song to sit and chill to. 9/10

11. Panther Power (4:36) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Raymond Tyson, Mark Dorado and Jim “Chopmaster J” Dright Previously released on “Tupac: The Lost Tapes”

Hmmm….Not really my type of song, little too “old school” for me, but I still like it. It has nice lyrics, medium beat, but are very tight when mixed correctly. 8.5/10

12. Str8 Ballin’ (5:04) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Osten Harvet, George Clinton, Jr., W. Collins and G. Cooper Previously released on “THUG LIFE: VOLUME 1”

Now, “Str8 Ballin'” is a classic in my eyes, a pure classic. One of Tupac’s best songs, but not the best, maybe top 3, just maybe, however. It has that kind of beat that you hear it and your like “Oh, yeah, this song is tight” and just listen to it. Definate plus to put onto an album. 9.5/10

13. Rebel of the Underground (3:16) Written by: Tupac Shakur and Gregory Jacobs Previously released on “2Pacalypse Now”

Tight lyrics, tight beat, tight song. Nothing else said, “Rebel of the Underground” is a definite good track to have on any 2Pac album, it probably should have been on “Greatest Hits”. 9/10

14. The Realist Killaz (2:58) feat. 50 Cent Written by: Tupac Shakur, Curtis Jackson, Andy Thelusma, Calvin Broadus, Bruce Washington, Yafeu Fula, Rufus Cooper, Katari Cox, Joseph Paquette, Tyrone Wrice, Brad Jordan, mike Dean, James Harris and Terry Lewis Previously unreleased

Adding 50 Cent into the mix just makes this album even tighter. You have to admit it, 50 Cent is the best on the market right now, no if’s and/or but’s about it. The song has a “new” beat, very tight, and with Tupac and 50 Cent it is just straight-fire lyrics. One thing I don’t like is “Until Makaveli returns, it’s all eyez on me”, that’s jus’ tellin’ people to buy the album, just to think that Tupac is alive. HE’S DEAD. 9/10


Album Final Points: 116/130 Album Final Grade: 89% (B)
Album Final Notes: This soundtrack is a must have for any true 2Pac fan. The album may be one of the best “mixes” of 2Pac’s songs, all into one.
Best Song Race: 1. The Realist Killaz 2. Ghost 3. Secretz Of War 4. Runnin’ 5. St8 Ballin’

2pac – Me Against The World

2pac - Me Against The WorldNow, Tupac has just been convicted of touching some girl’s ass, 4 Years in hell. This album actually debuts at #1 while he is in prison. Whats the result? Read on my friend.


1. Intro 

Length: 1:45
Featured Artists: Unknown.
Track Rating: None.

Basicly the intro is some basic beats, with people talking in a ‘news-reporter’ like way about his 1994 Shooting in the Manhattan recording studio. It’s quite interesting the first time you listen to it, but naturally after a while you’ll be skipping it.

2. If I die 2nite

Length: 3:56
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 5 / 5

I don’t think a better track could have started off this classic album. I think this was the actual time when Tupac started thinking about his own fate. The whole track is about ballin’, about how he is known, his former life and of course, about his own death. A fairly deep track, but gives a decent mental picture of how he lived and what he was thinking. If I were Afeni, i would have featured this track on his Greatest Hits album. A true classic, I don’t think this track gets the props it deserves, but its all good.

3. Me Against The World

Length: 4:40
Featured Artists: Dramacydal.
Track Rating: 5 / 5

This track is defiantly a classic, very nice production, intelligent verses, catchy hook. This track has it all. It is based, similarly to #2, on ballin’ and obvious how Tupac himself as a Rapper and a person is facing the world. Tight verse by Dramacydal, this makes for a quality pac-track. Even a sample of it was played in the movie ‘Bad Boys’ and is on the sound-track, if I recall correctly.

4. So Many Tears

Length: 3:59
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

I don’t like to do this to Tupac, but this track has a wack beat. Which in all slows the whole track down, which I’d rate under average, well under ‘Pacs average. The track is a very deep one mainly about death, his death, god, his peers passing and him trying to give up T H U G L I F E. All in all, sad song, wack beat, simple verses, below average.

5. Temptations 

Length: 5:00
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

This is more of a party track, and as the title suggests, its about women. The beat is aight, but you wouldn’t be able to just play it when your chillin’ maybe stoned or pissed. On the movie ‘8 Mile’ while some of the characters are driving around sample of this track can faintly be heard. So this track just reaches average.

6. Young Niggaz 

Length: 4:53
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Aight, aight! Now I can really vibe to this track. Nice production, real lyrics. ‘Pac gives a shout out to the young/late Robert Sanderford, who if y’all don’t know that is; young LA gangsta who slang dope, was found shot dead in his brothers room. ‘Pac really thought about this track and the message he was trying to put over. Over-Average for this one.

7. Heavy In The Game 

Length: 4:23
Featured Artists: Lady Levi, Richie Rich.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Another tight production, nice verse by Richie Rich and ‘Pac. Although Lady Levi’s random singing lines can get a bit annoying, all in all its a great track based hustlin’ and keeping yourself alive while being, heavy in the game.

8. Lord Knows 

Length: 4:31
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

First Line: ‘I smoke a blunt to take the pain out’, simple; the track is based around pain, god and once again ballin’. Tight production, some of the best ‘Pac verses I’ve ever heard. Thus, Over-Average Rating.

9. Dear Mama 

Length: 4:39
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

I know y’all is gonna yell at me for my rating on this track, and I’m sorry ‘Pac, but after a while the track is only an average Pac-track. Although it was the track that leaded the album to its Number 1 spot, it’s a highly deep, sensitive song about, you guessed it; his Mother, Afeni Shakur. He’s reminiscing back on all the stress he put on her through the years. But other than that it is, whether you face it or not, a slow and boring track. Not wack but only average.

10. It Ain’t Easy 

Length: 4:53
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

***** Yeah! Now we’re bangin’ again. This track has some slow but good verses by ‘Pac, spittin’ about his life, ballin’ and how life ain’t easy. Nice song, but can become boring after excessive bumpin’.

11. Can U Get Away 

Length: 5:45
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

Ok, this is a wack-ass track. I think Tupac was trying to show his sensitive side towards women or something i dunno what he was smoking, the beat is neary like something in the background of a porno movie. Slow and boring, skip.

12. Old School 

Length: 4:40
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

This is a good track, not too fast or slow. Its interesting to just listen to his lyrics, they rock! He’s basicly just reminiscing on the, yep, the old school!

13. ***** The World 

Length: 4:13
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Another one of them tracks that are wild to slowly concentrate on what he’s saying. Decent beat, the track is based around all the shit that has or was happening to him at the time, then he’s saying, ***** The World!

14. Death Around The Corner 

Length: 4:07
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 5 / 5

This track has one tight-ass beat placed under ‘Pacs crazy verses. Once again speaking on his own death and his life. I personally think this track can be placed up there with ‘Me Against the world’ or ‘If I die 2Nite’.

15. Outlaw

Length: 4:32
Featured Artists: Rah Rah, T.H.U.G L.I.F.E?
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This track has a tight-production, decent verses but the OUTLAW, OUTLAW, OUTLAW, will be getting circulated around your mind for days to come. It bores you also after a while. Basicly track is about ballin’ and being an outlaw.


Well there you have it, give the most controversial rapper one *****ed up year, a recording studio and you get ‘Me Against The World’. All in all, This Album is a good sign of Tupac’s amazing talent to give you a mental picture or message through his music. Not only were the tracks bangin’, lyrically they had meaning. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a Hip-Hop fan.

2pac – Until The End Of Time

2pac - Until The End Of TimeHere we go again, more unreleased material. There was much resistance to these new ones because much people said that it’s not really Tupac’s style and that Afeni (his Mother) had remixed ’em too much and taken out verses and such. So I’m gonna review it as if it was released back in 1995/1996. Anyways, this is his 11th solo album. If you ask me it’s nowhere near his last standards. Anyways, read on my friend.


– Disc 1

1. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja 

Length: 4:15
Featured Artists: 6 Feet Deep.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Aight, overall this track isn’t really anything special from Tupac. The production isn’t exactly wack, but it’s not bangin’ either. Once again, hes talking about his death and ways of a thug. Nice track to listen to at first, after few times skip.

2. ***** Friendz 

Length: 5:19
Featured Artists: Tiffany Villarrea.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now this track is more like Tupac. Bangin’ beat, sick-ass verses. Rappin’ about sex, betrayal and ballin’. ‘***** ‘Dre to that ***** he can kiss my ass’, cuss line to Dr Dre. Overall this track is above average.

3. Li’l Homies 

Length: 3:44
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

This track is a bit like a usual pac-track, but the beat is a bit weird. On first listen it’s bangin’, two or three times later you’ll find yourself skipping.

4. Let ’em Have it 

Length: 4:53
Featured Artists: Honey, SKG.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

This is more of a ‘smut’ track. All about sex and *****ing. Track wise it isn’t really what you’d expect from Tupac. Beat is ok but very annoying after sometime, nice verse from SKG but ‘Pacs aren’t that fash. Below Average, Skip!

5. Goodlife 

Length: 4:16
Featured Artists: Big Syke, EDI.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now after those last two tracks, this one makes you feel a bit better. Nice easy beat, Nice verses by all three outlawz. About the street life, their former lives and how everything has worked out. Good Track, above average.

6. Letter 2 My Unborn 

Length: 3:55
Featured Artists: Tena Jones.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

While listening to this track, its evident he’s basicly talking to his unborn child. Like he’s about to be blessed with one, maybe this was at the time with Kiesha, I don’t know. As the title states, it’s basically a vocal letter to his unborn child. Also rapping about his former life and how hard it is. This is a bangin’ track, but could have done better.

7. Breathin’ 

Length: 4:04
Featured Artists: Young Noble, Napoleon, Kastro, EDI.
Track Rating: 4.5 / 5

Aight, now im pumped! This has got to be the best track yet! Back to the real ‘Pac-tracks’, nice verses by all tha Outlawz. Any Tupac/Outlawz fan will love this track. Nearly perfect! Never skip.

8. Happy Home 

Length: 3:56
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Okay, now we’re on a roll! This track is one that could have been placed in any other album. It’s that good. ‘Pac spewin’ some real lyrics about tryin’ to get a Happy Home and how he can do it. It was dedicated to his sister, Seikywa.

9. All Out 

Length: 5:32
Featured Artists: Napoleon, Kastro.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

Classic ‘Pac, Outlawz callaboration. Bangin’ production. All Outlawz spittin’ real/tight verses. But after a few times you’ll be skipping it.

10. *****in’ Wit The Wrong Nigga 

Length: 3:37
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This track is almost identical in the sense that everything is bangin’, but it does bore you. Real lyrics, feels good to listen and really vibe to this song.

11. Thug in You Thug in Me (Remix) 

Length: 4:11
Featured Artists: kci and JoJo.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

This is another ‘smut-like’ track. Read the title, ‘Pacs verses are bangin’ but i really do hate this track. The only time i could stand to keep it playing was when I reviewed it.

12. Everything They Owe 

Length: 3:07
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Aight, after getting a bit bored and pissed off i’m actually thinking more positive now. Bangin’ beat, real ‘pac-like verses. This track reminds me of 1995 type style he had. Don’t skip this one!

13. Until The End Of Time 

Length: 4:26
Featured Artists: RL.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now I’m being impressed! This song was the first single off the album I think. Well it deserved it! Great beat, addictive hook and real lyrics by ‘Pac. Over Average, but you may find yourself skipping it after excessive bumpin’.

14. M.O.B 

Length: 5:01
Featured Artists: Fatal, Mopreme, Big Syke, Kadafi.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

You can tell how they’re trying to end this album, on a higher note. This track could nearly knock ‘Breathin’ out of its spot ok Best Track. Beat really suits the track, all artists suit them selves to it. Never SKip!.

15. World Wide Mob Figgaz 

Length: 4:40
Featured Artists: EDI, Young Noble, Napoleon.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Aight, this is where it gets too good to be true. I knew three bangin’ tracks in a row wouldn’t last much longer on this album. This track is very annoying. ‘Noble on the chorus is really annoying also. Skip this one.

Aight well after that first Disc I don’t know what to think. It kind of went like a Roller Coaster, up and down in quality. Anyways, lets see if the next cd is any better?

– Disc 2 

1. Big Syke Interlude 

Length: 1:45
Artist: Big Syke
Track Rating: 2 / 5

Oddly enough Tupac isn’t even on this track. The beat is all right but mostly the whole track is just talking. Skip almost everytime. Bad start to the Disc.

2. My Closest Roaddogz 

Length: 4:04
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

I personally love this track. The beat is like Tupac style, the lyrics have meaning and it’s just a great track. Over average.

3. Nigga Nature (Remix) 

Length: 5:04
Featured Artists: Li’l Mo’.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This is another one of them tracks that could have been bangers if they made some small changes, like a less wack beat. I ain’t a big fan of this track and would usually skip.

4. When Thugz Cry 

Length: 4:22
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This is a deep track, nice beat but i don’t really like the hook or much of ‘Pacs verse. Really disapointed with this track. Skip.

5. U Don’t Have to Worry 

Length: 5:07
Featured Artists: Young Noble, E.D.I, Napoleon, Kastro, Kadafi.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

although on the first listen this track may be a bit different to you, I think all the verses make up for the lack of quality in the production. Outlawz really spit some good shit on this one. Not worthy of being on any previous albums, but its a damn good track.

6. This Ain’t Livin 

Length: 3:41
Featured Artists: Vanessa.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This track nearly as good as the last one, but dosn’t really extend in lyrical ability. The production is a bit different to usual ‘Pac-tracks’. All in this entire track is just below ‘Above Average’.

7. Why U Turn On Me? 

Length: 3:32
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Nice Track but not worth anything more than an average rating. Tight production, decent lyrics. But not really anything that special.

8. Last ones left 

Length: 3:59
Featured Artists: Kastro, Napoleon.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Aight, now I’m happy as *****! This is more like ‘Pacs style. This track could have been on any of his albums from ’94-’96. Most Hip Hop fans would be feelin’ this track. Nice verses by ‘Pac, kastro and Napoleon.

9. Thug in You Thug in Me 

Length: 4:29
Featured Artists: kci, JoJo.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

Sadly, the original isn’t much better than the Remix. Not much to note.

10. Wordz 2 my First Born 

Length: 4:07
Featured Artists: Above the Law.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

This track isn’t anything like Tupac’s ’94-’96 tracks. But I still loved it. Nice beat, Above the Law got nice flows. ‘Pac ripped shit up. Never Skip.

11. Let ’em Have it (Remix) 

Length: 4:25
Featured Artists: Left Eye.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

Y.A.L.R – Yet Another Lame Remix. Man this sucks so much ass. Weak ass verses, weak beat, Left Eye was shit. Skip.

12. Runnin’ on E 

Length: 5:37
Featured Artists: Fatal, Kadafi, Young Noble, Nuttso.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

After that last track this one is a nice improvement. Nice verses by all artists. But isn’t up to 4 standard.

13. When I Get Free 

Length: 4:30
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

Same type of thing happen as before. Everything is good but just under ‘Pac’s potential.

14. Until The End of Time (Remix) 

Length: 4:29
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4.5 / 5

There isn’t much difference between this and the original. Nice Hook, nice verses, wild beat. Well, I’m in shock! After all this like 2 hours I don’t know what to say.


The album went up and down in quality. Three bangin’ tracks then 2 shit and so on. My opinion is that they should have taken the best tracks from both discs and put them on both. That’d result in just one disc full of quality not two full of quality and bullshit. It’s mainly the bullshit tracks that let this album down from being a 4 / 5. To me 4 / 5 would have to have a consistent flow of quality not up and down.

2pac – Nu Mixx Klazzics

2pac - Nu Mixx Klazzics”Nu Mixx Klzzsiks” is a Death Row re-make of old 2pac tracks released on the label. The production team is “Tha Row Hitterz”, and as far as I know that’s Darren Vegas, Jim Gettum, Ambassador Cash and Monster O from Booya Tribe. Since the album’s old tracks remixed, the review will mainly concentrate on the production.


1. 2 of amerikaz most wanted feat. Crooked I

The albums start of with the “Nu Mixx” of “2 of amerikaz most wanted” who originally featured Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoop’s been replaced with Crooked I on this one. The production’s better than I expected. The beat is banging and Crooked I is ripping it. It’s too bad that the track’s overshadowed by the original version. If 2pac was replaced with i.e Kurupt, this could be a lead single for the upcoming Crooked I album. Now people will compare it with the original, and the original was a classic. The song’s the B-side of the lead single and I can definitely see it getting played at clubs.

2. How do you want it feat. KC & JoJo

Ya’ll probably remember the original “How do you want it”. I know ya’ll remember the X-rated video! This one’s still got those lil bells in there, and the beat’s a lot the same but you can still hear it’s changed. A flute is also added to it. The track’s fresh and I like it.

3. Hail Mary feat. The Outlawz

This Nu Mixx has a nice new beat on it, and the mixing’s pretty nice too. Some people even say it’s better than the original… In my opinion it’s not, but it’s actually kind of tight. I’m positively surprised with the Nu Mixxes thus far.

4. Life goes on

“Life goes on” was the first single for the album. It’s a Darren Vegas Nu Mixx and it’s got a weird sound to it. I can imagine bumping this when smoking or being drunk… It’s funky like that. I don’t know what Death Row was thinking tho, cuz there’s no video out for this track. Not yet, at least…

5. All eyez on me feat. Big Syke

Let me first say that I’m glad they left Syke on this one. Putting an other rapper on it would only result in hating and critics saying that the album’s an attempt to promote the new generation of Death Row artists. The remixing of this song has a nice thought, but the wrong instruments. It sounds too “computer made”. Listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

6. Heartz of men

Once again “Tharow Hitterz” seems use a cheap keyboard to reproduce a track, and once again that ruins it since the thought behind it is good. The beat’s good but the cheap sounding instruments make it hard to enjoy the music. You can tell they tried to make a sick beat tho – just like Quik did on the original version.

7. Toss it up feat. Danny Boy, Aaron Hall, KC & JoJo

Damn! I’m definitely feeling this one! The Nu Mixx has the same kind of production as the original, but it’s a lil improved. I love the added guitar string, and this might actually be an improved version of the old version of the song. Death Row recently released an unseen video for this track recorded back when 2pac was alive. They should have saved that video and released it with the “Nu Mixx” over it. That would’ve been a hit.

8. Hit em up feat. The Outlawz

Ya’ll remember the original – a classic diss track, maybe the best diss track ever. The Nu Mixx is weak. I’m not feeling the beat at all, and it’s the first track on this album I’m not even feeling a little bit this far. On top of that, they used the clean version… Don’t ask me why.

9. Never had a friend like me

“Never had a friend like me” might be the second track that is, in my opinion, improved. The Nu Mixx has a funky beat with an electric guitar playing over it. I’m definitely feeling this one.

10. Ambitionz az a ridah

This is an other one of those tracks that I’m feeling but can’t help but comparing it to the original, and the original track is a part of a 5 out of 5 classic album. I have to say “Tharow Hitterz” did a good job with this one, tho. I’m feeling the beats different tones and the electric guitar in the backround.


“Tharow Hitterz” seems to have some good ideas, but they need to get better production tools. On some tracks, the beat’s real tight but the instruments are taking it down to a “below average” level. On top of that, EVERYONE listening to this album will compare the remixes with the original versions of them. Topping those versions is a very very hard thing to do. My favourite Nu Mixx is “Toss it up”, where the production team actually improved the original beat. Other nice reproductions are “Never had a friend like me”, “2 of amerikaz most wanted”, “How do you want it” and “Ambitionz az a ridah”. The albums down-falls are “Hit em up” and “Heartz of men”. An other bad thing about the album is that it’s only 10 tracks. I grade these Nu Mixxes 3 out of 5, meaning an average score.