Too Short – Get In Where You Fit In

Too Short - Get In Where You Fit In1. Dont Fight The Intro 

3 min intro, too short raps a little in the beginning, pretty good flows and lyrics, but just for a quik second. later he talks about his peoples, his label and what he is up to. so this is just an intro but if anything 3/5.

2. I’m A Player

GREAT track right here, one of my favorites. no features, straight up HEAT by the one and only Too Short. his flows are amazing, and hes right with the lyrics. and a good beat too provided by Ant Banks, and the dangerouse crew. 5/5 easily.

3. Just Another Day

Real Nice track, short rips it, tells a great story about his everyday life in the streets of Oakland. his flows are pretty good as always, his lyrics are great as well. a nice old school beat as well prodced by the dangerous crew. a great song just to listen to when you want to relax. 5/5

4. Gotta’ Get Some Lovin’

FAVORITE TRACK, jesus what a awsome track, another ‘Short SOLO. OMG his flows are incredible on this and especially his lyrics. love this track man, cant get bored. 100 PERCENT pure pimpin’ this track shows what too short is all about. “Gimme Head While Im Doin’ Bout 90 Biyyyatch” 5/5 EASILY

5. Money In The Ghetto 

Pretty cool track, real old school kinda beat to it. another solo from short, shorts lyrics arnt as good as the others on this one, but flows are always right. and a great hook. 4/5

6. BlowJob Betty 

An OK track from Short, talks about a ***** about Betty, long track kinda boring if ya ask me. not really feelin it, the beat ruins it all, but short got a good story with nice lyrics. 3/5

7. All My *****es Are Gone Ft. Ant Banks

a slow beat, short raps slow, real nice tho, alotta pimp shit, ANT BANKS is in this. truly he saves the track, good flows, his lyrics catch up to him at the end of this song. 4/5

8. The Dangerouse Crew Ft. Spice 1, Ant Banks, Mhisani and Pee Wee 

Real Nice track man, Beat is raw short starts it off with short real nice flows and lyrics. too short shines them all on this, but everyone keeps it right. Good track man fasho. 5/5

9. Get In Where You Fit In

A GOOD beat, Second fav track on here. Pee Wee Is the Narrator i think, what a great track, Too Short disses MC “whats his name” lol again. he hits him hard on this one, great flows and especially lyrics. keeps it right throughout the whole track. 5/5

10. PlayBoy Short* 

Great song, disses all the playa hataz. how he started the game, keeps it right. piano kinda beat, nice flows, lyrics are average. 4/5

11. Way To Real 

A GREAT beat, more newish then the others. Raps Quik, a good pace, how he lives, he keepin it real. good story. puts in alot of tips in for people. good flows and lyrics. 5/5

12. Its All Good

Pretty nice track, talks about a ***** who keep calling him LMAO. he getting sick of her, and shit. GREAT GREAT GREAT hook. a real nice track, short spits nice, and slows are on point. pretty nice no doubt. 5/5

13. Oakland Style Ft. FM BLUE, and Ant Banks 

great speach at the beginning. talkin bout that Oakland Shit yadidmean. shouts out RICHMOND in this (Pee Wee). one of the BEST track in tha whole album. talks about the city of oakland, FM BLUE starts it. great track witha awsome beat. short Rips it as well. FM blue > short on this one tho. 5/5


Like any other Too Short fan, or even a plain rap fan, they would give this Album a 5/5 Classic easily. this is my favorite Too Short album, some debate this or Gettin’ It. gettin it is a close second no doubt but Get In Where You Fit In Is Classic. MUST BUY, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.