Tony Yayo – Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon

Tony Yayo - Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon1. Intro


2. Homicide

I like the beat here, nice piano type track mixed with some opera type sounds. Yayo is pretty terrible but he doesn’t ruin the track here or anything. Not a bad track at all. Good

3. It Is What It Is(Feat Spider Loc)

This is like a mix between heavy Southern bass and G-Funk, needless to say I dig the beat. The beat is about the only thing I like here, poor rapping and a poor chorus, this is just a mess. Average(I dig the beat)

4. Tattle Teller

The beat is good, I can’t really describe it because there are so many sound elements going on at once. This is a track about snitching and we’ve already landed in cliche’ city. Yayo is just not ready to release a solo album, he should strictly be a hype man. Average(Again the beat)

5. So Seductive(Feat 50 Cent)

This track is terrible, just atrocious and of course it’s the single, because the lemmings have to listen to this awful crap. 50 Cent & Yayo stink up the joint, while the headache inducing party beat hits you like indigestion. Train Wreck

6. Eastside Westside

Terrible beat here, just a boring piano beat looping on and on as other annoying elements are added. Yayo sings in the beginning and I don’t really care, he says nothing of value and just spits out cliche’s that would make 50 Cent shake his head. Wack

7. Drama Setter(Feat Eminem & Obie Trice)

Eminem adds nothing to the track, well he hasn’t even done anything good since 2000 and his cronie Obie “I have zero charisma” Trice. Man Trice is boring, he’s just invisible here. This is not a good track, very annoying chorus. So wow you’re a “Drama setter”? Why should I care? Wack

8. We Don’t Give A F***(Feat 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Olivia)

Speaking of adding nothing to the track, Olivia is a terrible singer, she’s off beat and is like Ashanti, only a lot uglier. This track is weak, they obviously took the track title very seiously because this is just all of them being unmotivated. Next track. Wack

9. Pimpin

I like the beat, it’s very relaxing. Yayo ruins the track as he tries to sing on the track, but it gets better once he starts rapping and the beat sort of changes up. I dig this track, but the singing is terrible and really I’m tired of rappers making tracks about “Pimpin'”. These guys aren’t real pimps, Ice T should slap these idiots silly. Good

10. Curious(Feat Joe)

Joe hasn’t been of any worth since he released that Stutter garbage. Joe sings, I yawn, wow this track is boring. Wack

11. I’m So High

Yet another tired cliche’ in rap. So, you’re “so” high? Who cares? Weak beat here and weak singing here. This track is awful as Yayo talks about smoking in jail. Wow this is so uninteresting. Wack

12. Love My Style

The beat is just awful and it gives me a headache, it’s a mixture of chanting and other annoying elements. Yayo talks about women “Loving his style”, this is unoriginal garbage. Wack

13. Project Princess(Feat Jagged Edge)

Relaxing beat, this is your typical “lovey dovey” type track complete with your D-list group singing the chorus. I’m already tired of this album. Wack

14. G-S***

Piano beat here, it’s actually boring. Yayo tries to be all “lyrical” here and just doesn’t say anything of worth. This guy should be on stage setting up equipment, not rapping. Wack

15. I Know You Don’t Love Me(Feat G Unit)

The beat is ok, I can’t really describe it, it has a very Westcoast feel to it. 50 sings the chorus and he name drops some rappers. This track is all beat and nothing else. Wack(I did however like the beat)

16. Dear Suzie

This is like the retarded version of “Stan”. Yayo writes to a “fan” named “Suzie” in jail. This is awful, complete with an awful beat and even worse singing. These guys can’t come up with their own ideas so they steal from the next man. Train Wreck

17. Live By The Gun

I like the beat here, dark sounding piano beat. Yayo doesn’t do that bad of a job here and it’s better than an outro. Good


All in all this gets a Wack rating. Just pure wackness from the G-Unit crew. I’m neutral towards their music so I listened to this with an open mind and just did not like it. Unoriginal garbage by a guy who should be a hype man. Avoid this mess.