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Reviews of albums release 2000-2009, listed by artist name.

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2pac - 2pacalypse Now by WWC
2pac - All Eyez On Me by WWC
2pac - Better Dayz by WWC
2pac - Loyal To The Game by WWC
2pac - Me Against The World by WWC
2pac - Nu Mixx Klazzics by WWC
2pac - Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 by WWC
2pac - Pac's Life by WWC
2pac - Resurrection Soundtrack by WWC
2pac - The Sessions by WWC
2pac - Until The End Of Time by WWC
30Rap's 2013 Hip-Hop Summer Draft Picks by Richard Priors
50 Cent - The Massacre by WWC
A+ - Hempstead High by WWC
Add editorial by WWC
Add review by WWC
Anticon - We Ain't Fessin (Double Quotes) by WWC
Artifakt - Public Service Announcement by WWC
Attack The Block (2011, Joe Cornish) by LovecraftHP
Author help by WWC
AZ - A.W.O.L. by WWC
AZ - Aziatic by WWC
AZ - Final Call by WWC
B.G - Chopper City In The Ghetto by WWC
B.G - It's All On U Vol. 2 by WWC
Bad Azz - Money Run by WWC
Benzino - Redemption by WWC
Benzino - The Benzino Remix Project by WWC
Big Daddy Kane - Prince of Darkness - 8.7/10 by Richard Priors
Big L - Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous by WWC
Big L - The Big Picture by WWC
Big Pun - Yeeeah Baby by WWC
Big Syke - Big Syke Daddy by WWC
Bizarre - Hanni Cap Circus by WWC
Blac Haze - So Much Drama by WWC
Blood Dolls (1999, Charles Band) by LovecraftHP
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - E 1999 Eternal by WWC
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E - Westkoasta Nostra by WWC
Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep by WWC
Brotha Lynch Hung Presents: Now Eat, The Album by WWC
Brother Ali - Shadows On The Sun by WWC
Bushwick Bill - Phantom Of The Rapra by WWC
Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang by WWC
Busta Rhymes - The Coming by WWC
C-Dubb - Ground Zero Vol 1 by WWC
C-Murder - C-P-3.com by WWC
C-Murder - Life Or Death by WWC
C-Murder - Trapped in Crime by WWC
C-Murder - TRUest Shit I Ever Said by WWC
Cablez - The Movement by WWC
Cam'Ron - Killa Season by WWC
Canibus - 2000 B.C. by WWC
Canibus - Mind control by WWC
Canibus - Rip the Jacker by WWC
Cassidy - Split Personality by WWC
Celly Cel - Killa Kali by WWC
Celly Cel - Song'z U Can't Find by WWC
Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 3 by WWC
Chingy - Jackpot by WWC
Chino XL - I Told You So by WWC
City High - City High by WWC
Class of 3000 - Music Volume One by WWC
Common - BE by WWC
Coneheads (1993, Steve Barron) by LovecraftHP
Contact and Credits by Malke
Copywrite - High Exaulted by WWC
Cormega - Legal Hustle by WWC
Cormega - The Testament by WWC
Criminaz - Criminal Activity by WWC
Cypress Hill - Black Sunday by WWC
Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part by WWC
Da Band - Too Hot For TV by WWC
Da Brat - Limelite, Luv and Nightclubz by WWC
Danger Doom - The Mouse & The Mask by WWC
Daz Dillinger - Gangsta Crunk by WWC
Daz Dillinger - Retaliation Revenge & Get Back by WWC
Daz Dillinger - This is the life I lead by WWC
Diamond D - Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop by WWC
Digital Underground - Future Rhythm by WWC
Digital Underground - Sex Packets by WWC
Digital Underground - Sons of the P by WWC
Digital Underground - The Body Hat Syndrome by WWC
Digital Underground - This Is An EP Release by WWC
Digital Underground - Who Got The Gravy by WWC
DJ Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life by WWC
DJ Green Lantern - Invasion Part 2: Conspiracy Theory by WWC
DJ Quik - Rhythm-al-ism by WWC
DJ Quik - Safe + Sound by WWC
DJ Quik - Trauma by WWC
DJ Quik - Under The Influence by WWC
DMX - Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood by WWC
DMX - It's Dark & Hell Is Hot by WWC
DMX - The Grand Champ by WWC
DMX - The Great Depression by WWC
DMX - Year Of The Dog... Again by WWC
Do or Die - Pimpin' Ain't Dead by WWC
Do or Die - Victory by WWC
Dr Dre - The Chronic by WWC
Dr Dre - The Chronic 2001 by WWC
Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst by Malke
Drag-On - Hell And Back by WWC
Drama - Causin Drama by WWC
Dru Down - Can You Feel Me by WWC
Dru Down - Explicit Game by WWC
Dru Down - Gangsta Pimpin by WWC
Dru Down - Pimpin Phernalia by WWC
Eazy-E - Eazy Duz It by WWC
Eazy-E - Its On (Dr Dre) 187um Killa by WWC
Eazy-E - Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton by WWC
Editorials by Malke
Eminem - Infinite by WWC
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP by WWC
Empty Mynd - It's Serious by WWC
Esham - Closed Casket by WWC
Extended [email protected] - Happy Fuck You Songs by WWC
Fabolous - Ghetto Fabolous by WWC
Fatal - Fatal by WWC
Fiend - Street Life by WWC
First Degree The DE - Gang Wars: Sactown Bloods Vs. Sactown Crips by WWC
Forum by Malke
Fredro Starr - Don't get mad get money by WWC
Fredro Starr - Firestarr by WWC
From The Vault by Malke
G-Unit - Beg For Mercy by WWC
Ganksta NIP - The South Park Psycho by WWC
Genius/GZA - Liquid Swords by WWC
Geto Boys - Till Death do us part by Richard Priors
Ghostface - The Pretty Toney Album by WWC
Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets by WWC
Ghostface Killah - Fishscale by WWC
GP - THE BEAST Is Finally Released by WWC
Habitt - Talk Of The Town by WWC
Hall of Game: enter The Journeyman by Richard Priors
Hall of Game: If it weren't for those meddling kids! by Richard Priors
Hall of Game: wherefore art thou Romo? by Richard Priors
Handome Boy Modeling School - So... How's Your Girl? by WWC
Hi-C - The Hi-Life Hustle by WWC
Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology by WWC
Home page by Malke
Huey - Notebook Paper by WWC
Ice Cube - Kill At Will EP by WWC
Ice Cube - War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) by WWC
Ice-T - The Iceberg/Freedom of speech...Just watch what you say by WWC
Insane Clown Posse - The Tempest - 7.1/10 by Richard Priors
Iron Bridge - Toilet Humour by WWC
J-Zone - A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work by WWC
J-Zone - Pimp's Don't Pay Taxes by WWC
Ja Rule - Blood In My Eye by WWC
Ja Rule - Pain Is Love by WWC
Ja Rule - R.U.L.E by WWC
Ja Rule - Rule 3:36 by WWC
Jadakiss - Kiss The Game Goodbye by WWC
Jay-Z - American Gangster by WWC
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt by WWC
Jay-Z - The Black Album by WWC
Jaylib - Champion Sound by WWC
Jayo Felony - Crip Hop by WWC
Jayo Felony - Underground by WWC
Jehst - Nuke Proof Suit by WWC
Jehst - Return of the drifter by WWC
Jehst Presents: Underworld Epics by WWC
Jim Jones - On My Way to Church by WWC
Joe Budden - Joe Budden by WWC
Juvenile - 400 Degreez by WWC
Juvenile - Reality Check by WWC
K-Os - Joyful Rebellion by WWC
K-Rino - Fear No Evil by WWC
Kanye West - Graduation by WWC
Kanye West - Late Registration by WWC
Kanye West - The College Dropout by WWC
Kaoz The Assassin - The Assassination Vol 1 by WWC
Kastro & EDI - Blood Brothers by WWC
Keak Da Sneak - Copium by WWC
Keitarock - Let'z Get It Crack'n by WWC
Killer Mike - Monster by WWC
Knoc-Turn'al - LA Confidential Presents Knoc-Turn'al by WWC
Knoc-Turn'Al - Return of the Hustler by WWC
Knoc-Turn'Al - The Way I Am by WWC
Kool G Rap - 4,5,6 by WWC
Kool G Rap - Greatest Hits by WWC
Krayzie Bone - Thug On Da Line by WWC
Kurupt - Against Tha Grain: The EP by WWC
Kurupt - Kuruption by WWC
Kurupt - Same Day Different Shit by WWC
Kurupt - Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey by WWC
Kurupt - Tha Street Iz A Mutha by WWC
Kutt Calhoun - B.L.E.V.E. by WWC
Layzie Bone & Young Noble - Thug Brothers by WWC
Lil Jon & East Side Boyz - Crunk Juice by WWC
Lil Rob - Twelve Eighteen Part 1 by WWC
Little Brother - The Minstrel Show by WWC
LL Cool J - 10 by WWC
Lloyd Banks - Mo Money In The Bank Pt. 5 by WWC
Lloyd Banks - Rotten Apple by WWC
Lloyd Banks - The Hunger For More by WWC
Lord Finesse - Funky Technician by WWC
Lost Boyz - Love, Peace & Nappiness by WWC
Lost Password by Malke
Ludacris - Chicken-n-Beer by WWC
Luniz - Operation Stackola by WWC
Ma$e - Welcome Back by WWC
Mac - Shell Shocked by WWC
Mac - World War III by WWC
Mac Dre - Do You Remember? by WWC
Mac Minister - The Minister of Defense by Richard Priors
Mack 10 - Bang Or Ball by WWC
Madvillain - Madvillainy by WWC
Magic - White Eyes by WWC
Main Source - Breaking Atoms by WWC
Masta Killa - No Said Date by WWC
Master P - 99 Ways To Die by WWC
Master P - Da Last Don by WWC
Master P - Gameface by WWC
Master P - Ghetto D by WWC
Master P - Only God Can Judge Me by WWC
Max Julian - Smoke N Roll by WWC
MC Paul Barman - Pallelujah by WWC
MC Ren - Shock Of The Hour by WWC
MED - Push Comes To Shove by WWC
Method Man - Tical 0: the Prequel by WWC
MF Doom - MM..Food? by WWC
Mic-C - Candyland by WWC
Mike Jones - Who Is Mike Jones? by WWC
Missin' Linx - Exhibit A by WWC
Mistah Fab - I Found My Backpack 3 by Qlof
Mixtapes by Malke
Mobb Deep - Amerikaz Nightmare by WWC
Mobb Deep - Blood Money by WWC
Movie Reviews by Malke
Mr. Cheeks - Ladies and Ghettomen by WWC
Mr. Doctor - Documentary by WWC
Mr. Doctor - Setripn' Bloccstyle by WWC
Mr. Hyde - Barn Of The Naked Dead by WWC
N*E*R*D - In Search Of... by WWC
Nas - Illmatic by WWC
Nas - Illmatic 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition by WWC
Nas - Street Disciple by WWC
Naughty By Nature - IIcons by WWC
Naughty By Nature - Nature's Finest by WWC
Necro - Brutality Part 1 by WWC
Necro - Death Rap by WWC
Necro - I Need Drugs by WWC
Necro - The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP - 7.6/10 by Richard Priors
Necro - The Sexorcist by WWC
Neptunes Presents: The Clones by WWC
Newsdesk by Malke
Notorious B.I.G - Ready To Die by WWC
O.F.T.B. - The Missing DR Files by WWC
Obie Trice - Cheers by WWC
One-2 - New Day, New Money Mixtape by WWC
Onyx - All we got iz us by WWC
Outkast - Aquemini by WWC
Outkast - Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below by WWC
Outlawz - Novakane by WWC
Outsidaz - Night Life by WWC
Paris - Sonic Jihad by WWC
Pete Rock - Soul Survivor II by WWC
Petey Pablo - Same Eyez On Me by WWC
Phil The Agony - Aromatic by WWC
Plies - The Real Testament by WWC
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Dust to Dust by Richard Priors
Privacy Policy & Terms of Use by Malke
Prodigy - Return Of The Mac by WWC
Proof - Searching For Jerry Garcia by WWC
Public Enemy - How do you sell soul...? by WWC
Q-Unique - Vengeance Is Mine by WWC
Quasimoto - The Further Adventures of Lord Quas by WWC
Que The Kid - Street Loyalty by WWC
R. Kelly & Jay-Z - Best of both worlds by WWC
RA the Rugged Man - Legends Never Die by Richard Priors
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx by WWC
Rakim - The Master by WWC
Rappin' 4 Tay - Gangsta Gumbo by WWC
Ras Kass - Rasassination by WWC
Ras Kass - Van Gogh by WWC
Redhead Steve - Red Rum by WWC
Regime Presents: Thugg Lordz by WWC
Register by Malke
Reviews by Malke
Reviews by artist by Malke
Richie Rich - Grabs, Snatches, & Takes by WWC
Richie Rich - Nixon Pryor Roundtree by WWC
Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran by WWC
Richie Rich - The Game by WWC
RiFF RaFF - Birth of an Icon - 5.6/10 by Richard Priors
Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand by WWC
Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me by WWC
Roscoe - Philaphornia by WWC
Royce Da 5'9 - Death Is Certain by WWC
Royce da 5'9 - Rock City by WWC
Ruff Ryders - Ryde or Die Volume 1 by WWC
Rydah J Klyde - Tha Fly Gangsta by WWC
Sabac Red - Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' Come by WWC
Sage Francis - Personal Journals by WWC
Scarface - The Fix by WWC
Sense Wondah - Year Of The Wondah Mixtape by WWC
Sex, Money & Gunz - Repossession by WWC
Sheek Louch - Walk Witt Me by WWC
Shock G - Fear Of A Mixed Planet by WWC
Shyne - Gangland - 8.3/10 by Richard Priors
Shyne - Godfather Buried Alive by WWC
Silkk the Shocker - Made Man by WWC
Silkk The Shocker - The Shocker by WWC
Skatterman & Snug Brim - Urban Legendz by WWC
Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ by WWC
Snoop Dogg - Rhythm & Gangsta by WWC
Snoop Dogg - The Last Meal by WWC
Snoop Dogg Presents Doggystyle Allstars - Welcome to the House Vol 1 by WWC
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Dead Man Walking by WWC
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle by WWC
Soopafly - Dat Whoopy Whoop by WWC
Soulja Slim - Give It 2 Em Raw by WWC
Soulja Slim - Years Later... A Few Months After by WWC
Speedy aka Gotti Gotti - Flight Risk by WWC
Spice 1 - Spiceberg Slim by WWC
Spooks - S.I.O.S.O.S Vol 1: The Hijacking by WWC
Sticky Fingaz - [Blacktrash] The Autobiography of Kirk Jones by WWC
Sticky Fingaz - Decade by WWC
Suck (2009, Rob Stefaniuk) by LovecraftHP
Sway - This is My Demo by WWC
Swizz Beats - G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories by WWC
T-Nutty - Flowmastermouth by WWC
T-Nutty & Big No Love Present: Lyrical Octane by WWC
Tech N9ne - Anghellic by WWC
Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech by WWC
Tha Alkaholiks - Firewater by WWC
Tha Alkaholiks - X.O. Experience by WWC
Tha Dogg Pound - Cali Iz Active by WWC
Tha Dogg Pount - Dogg Food by WWC
Tha Realest - Tha Death Row Dayz by WWC
Tha Realest - Witness Tha Realest Mixtape by WWC
Tha Realest & 730 - East 2 West by WWC
The Circle Of Tyrants - Circle Of Tyrants by WWC
The Dayton Family - Welcome To The Dopehouse by WWC
The Dayton Family - What's on my mind? by WWC
The Game - Doctor's Advocate by WWC
The Game - The Documentary by WWC
The Game - The Documentary 2 by Malke
The Luniz - Bootlegs & B-Sides by WWC
The Luniz - Silver & Black by WWC
The Mitchell Brothers - Breath of Fresh Attire by WWC
The Pack - Skateboards 2 Scrapers by WWC
The Regime - All Out War Vol. 1 by WWC
Throwback by Malke
Thug Law - Thug Life Outlawz: Chapter 1 by WWC
Thug Life Vol. 1 by WWC
Tony Yayo - Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon by WWC
Too Short - Get In Where You Fit In by WWC
Top Dogg - Every Dogg Has His Day by WWC
Trick Daddy - Thugs R Us by WWC
Troll Hunter (2010, André Øvredal) by LovecraftHP
TRU - The Truth by WWC
U.G.K - Side Hustles by WWC
Ubnawkshis - The Tour Of Johnny Taurus by WWC
UGK - Underground Kingz by WWC
Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode by WWC
VA - Beef Soundtrack by WWC
VA - Bones Soundtrack by WWC
VA - Celly Cel Presents: Live From the Ghetto by WWC
VA - Dysfunktional Family Soundtrack. by WWC
VA - Eastern Conference All-Stars 3 by WWC
VA - Grit City Volume One by WWC
VA - Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack by WWC
VA/Death Row - Too gangsta for radio by WWC
Vinnie Paz - God of the serengeti by Qlof
Warren G - Regulate... G Funk Era by WWC
We want the truth, we want the truth… but can we handle the truth? by The Journeyman
Welcome to 30Rap.com by WWC
Welcome! by Malke
Westside Connection - Terrorist Threats by WWC
What's Poppin' by Malke
Willmatic - Sneak Preview by WWC
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by WWC
X-raided - Psycho Active by WWC
Xzibit - At The Speed Of Life by WWC
Xzibit - Restless by WWC
Ying Yang Twinz - Me & My Brother by WWC
Yo Gotti - Back 2 Da Basics by WWC
Young Black Teenagers - Dead Enz Kidz Doin’ Lifetime Bidz by Richard Priors
Young Buck - Buck The World by WWC
Young Buck - Straight Outta Ca$hville by WWC
Young Droop - Killa Valley Moment Of Impakt by WWC
Young Noble - Noble Justice by WWC
Yukmouth - Godzilla by WWC
Yukmouth - United Ghetto Of America Vol. 2 by WWC
Yukmouth - United Ghettos Of America by WWC
Yukmouth & C-Bo - In Thugz We Trust by WWC